[REVIEW] New ACME Release “Last Prize” Drops Today!

For our first review of the year, we will be looking at ACME’s newest single release “Last Prize” which was released today! If you don’t know who they are already, check out our article here as to why you should be keeping an eye out on them.

Their release showcases a very different look from their album with the members all dressed in fun and bright street fashion, macthing well with the catchy beats in their new single.

“Last Prize” is ACME’s third single, has two release types. Type A features the track and a karaoke version, whereas Type B includes two coupling tracks “Gekiyamaseruroid” and “Namakemono”. All songs were composed by ACME, but the lyrics for each track were written by different members. CHISA wrote the lyrics for the title track while HAL took charge of “Gakiyasemeruroid”, and SHOGO for “Namakemono”.

Listening to “Last Prize” has a fresh and fun vibe that easily gets listeners to put the song on repeat, and upbeat a vibe that brings in 2019 with great energy. We especially love the line 誰も邪魔出来ない ラストンショー (Without letting anyone interfere, here is our last one show), which we feel is ACME’s determination to put their all into their band and moving forward in the new year with that resolve.

The second song on the single, “Gekiyamaseruroid”, starts with an East Asian/Indian vibe before the guitars and drums kick in. This song hits a little harder, yet still retains the upbeat pace. It’s great to hear the band adapt sounds from other cultures into their music, showing their open-mindedness to exploring genres beyond the usual concepts in visual kei.

“Namakemono” ends the single release with a completely different tone. The song is much softer, with a keyboard accompaniment which gives a gentler tone in comparison to the first two songs. It leaves the listener with a feeling of hopefulness and brings a wonderful contrast to the release.

Overall, “Last Prize” is a single we think that starts off 2019 in one of the best ways possible, and is definitely a good entry point into following their music if you’re not already a fan!

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