Avanchick to Disband in 2017 + Member Comments

Avanchick have announced that they will disband in fall of 2017, following a performance in Tokyo. Details of this performance, including the date, have yet to be released.

Fans planning to attend Tokyo in Tulsa in July also have nothing to worry about, as the band will perform as planned. To their American fans, vocalist NOAH tweeted, “To everyone in America, I’m sorry to worry you. Avanchick is definitely going to Tulsa. Please come see our final form.”

The statement regarding their disbandment along with individual member statements to their fans, whom they call “Moumoku Shojo,” have been translated below:

*Important Announcement*

We are truly thankful to those who have supported Avanchick in the past.

Unfortunately, Avanchick will disband in the fall of 2017 following a Tokyo performance.

We apologize deeply to all of the fans and staff whom we’ve caused a great worry and trouble to with this sudden announcement.


Member Comments

I’m sorry for the abrupt announcement regarding our disbandment.

We thought about it again and again, and this is the answer we came to.

After our performance at Akasaka BLITZ ended, I felt like I wanted time to reconsider once more what it was I really wanted to do as I came back to Tokyo from Kumamoto.

While I’ve been gaining experience through my activities in Avanchick, I started to feel as though I’m out of step with the musical activities I personally have been striving for.

I’m struggling to put an end to something personal that I created myself, but I’m very proud of the songs I made with this band and the time I spent with the Moumoku Shojo.

I think what I can and should do is to keep singing with all my power, conveying the emotions I want to express, and reach out to the lonely as Avanchick’s Noah until the moment we disband.

Please continue on with me until that very last day.


First of all, I’m sorry to all of the Moumoku Shojo that have trusted us so far. And, thank you. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have made it this far. Even now, I love this band. My true feelings are that I wanted to continue with it. I’m sorry for such a sudden announcement. I love all of you. I want to always look over you.



First of all, I’m so sorry it’s come to snatching away something that you all like.

NOAH, Rey, Otake, kagari, and Hyu-ga.

I feel with all my heart that it’s all thanks to the fans and the industry people we worked with that the five of us were able to stand on stage and be an active part of the world of music.

Avanchick had been trying to get through a rough time so I can’t really say that things were going well for us, and now it’s come to this point…

Even with the current outcome, I think a “miracle” was produced, born of the mixing of relationships between various things and people.

It’s difficult for miracles like that to continue on forever. That miracle comes to an end, and the gears that were intertwined so intricately have come to a stop.

As the one who started Avanchick and its leader, I feel so apologetic that I couldn’t keep the miracle going. I feel incredibly disappointed in myself.

But while it may just be my opinion, I believe that the feelings and songs created by Avanchick will go on forever, and I’m going to keep working hard all the way until the very end, so I hope I can count on all of your support until then.


First of all, I’m really sorry for such a sudden announcement.

It’s been about 3 years since Avanchick’s formation. It was short, but it was a very rich 3 years.

I was able to live because of all of the smiles every Moumoku Shojo. I truly have nothing but thanks. Thank you.

But, we also have things that we have yet to announce, and until the end of this current stage I am “Avanchick’s Kagari.”

My attitude isn’t that of “Well, we’re breaking up anyway.” Rather, I feel more than ever that I want to move forward and give you everything I have, encompassing all of the emotions I’ve gotten from everyone and the gratitude I have toward those feelings at each and every performance until the moment we disband.

I’d like you to support me all the way up until the moment I’m no longer “Avanchick’s Kagari.” I want you to stand by me.

Please indulge my selfishness one last time.


I’m sorry to make this announcement so suddenly.

This was the outcome we decided on after talking together with the members again and again. In the 2 and a half years since we began, we rushed forward frantically with our own style. Since doing this band there have been things which were very fun, but there have been just as many painful and difficult things too. The other members, the staff, and without a doubt, the Moumoku Shojo are the reasons that I, a brat like me that didn’t know left from right regarding bands, was able to come this far. Thank you.

Being able to play the drums and piano for Avanchick were an irreplaceable treasure within my own life.



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