DIAWOLF B.B.-bloody birthday- After Night Gig

The After Night Gig kicked off with Xmas Eileen setting the party atmosphere with a few fun songs. Unlike Western audiences, the crowd did not seem so familiar with the clubbing scene, where people often dance to the beats that are pumped through the speakers. Instead, efforts from the stage were met with fist pumps, bopping and occasional jumping. Xmas Eileen carried a high energy and infected the livehouse with their charisma throughout their entire performance.

From Xmas Eileen, the energy continued to rise as Chiba Fumihiko, also known as Mehteh, took charge of the stage with some amazing beats, bringing a good mix of songs together. There were popular Western songs thrown into the list, but unfortunately, the crowd did not seem so familiar with them. However, that does not change the fact that Mehteh definitely knows how to mix beats together with skill and has a great deal of potential in becoming an amazing DJ. If you’re a lover of EDM, or just generally enjoy good beats you lose yourself to, keep an eye out for this guy and remember his name.

As Chiba Fumihiko finished up his set, the long awaited birthday boy made an appearance. The energy within the livehouse peaked to new levels as the audience welcome Show on stage with joyful yelling of his name and an endless sea of smiles. The bonds between artists and fans–especially the love that circulates amongst the fandom towards DIAWOLF, which is beautiful and heartwarming–never ceases to amaze me.

Show immersed himself into his set but was met with a surprise when Tora made an appearance with a birthday cake, with the candles already lit. The audience cheered happily and loudly as they birthday boy blew the candles out as his partner held it for him. Afterwards, he attempted to get back to DJing, but Tora wanted to express his affection by feeding the vocalist a strawberry.

Shortly after Tora’s departure, various other guests tried to get Show to drink some alcohol, although he has already admitted to having a low tolerance several times in the past. However, this did not discourage his comrades. They managed to get him to drink out of the champagne bottle and his expression clearly showed that it was not something he often partook in.

Tora Amano’s set was performed with DJ Mass MAD Izm* and together, they played songs while the guitarist accompanied songs with his own stylized riffs. Their set covered an extensive range of genres from rock, EDM to some heavy hip-hop beats. Regardless of the style, Tora mixed in his own flavor flawlessly, showcasing the breadth of his musical interest and skill.

The guitarist was also encouraged to drink on stage by his peers, and unlike the vocalist, this man is known to hold his alcohol well. This only seemed to raise his energy and mood further as he interacted playfully with fellow artists from the night, as well as DJ Mass MAD Izm*. Together, they made a great team and entertained everyone well musically and with their cheeky personalities.

At the end, Show Ohara made a final appearance before the night ended, and the audience was able to give one last display of love.

The After Night Gigs are definitely something different from anything Show and Tora have done previously. It has a much more relaxed atmosphere, which also gives an intimate, personal feel, creating a very enjoyable experience. DIAWOLF’s lives are intensely energetic and the After Night Gigs providing a laid-back atmosphere with the entire night leaving everyone in high spirits. If you have the chance, definitely check them out because you won’t find anything like this elsewhere.

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