DIAWOLF presents B.B-bloody birthday-

The live on the 5th of July was no ordinary event for DIAWOLF – it was a special occasion to celebrate Show Ohara’s birthday. DIAWOLF is the solo project A9’s (Alice Nine) Shou and Tora. They were supported by Aki (Lc5) on guitar, Natsuka (VelBet) on bass and Kenichi (Loka) on drums. They have been active since the 24th of March, 2015.

For A9 fans and those in the know alike, bear in mind that DIAWOLF is completely separate from the band, though it provided comfort to many to see Show Ohara and Tora Amano on stage while awaiting the comeback. The sound, image and appearance is completely separate from A9 in every way, with their music being a fusion between hard rock and EDM, which showcases the flexibility of Show and Tora’s abilities.

Apart from the difference in style, the show was divided into two sections – the main live performance, which is done in conjunction with two other bands, and a DJ set called, “After Night Gig”. To date, DIAWOLF has invited bands of various styles to share the stage with them. On this particular night, Xmas Eileen and UZMK (Uzumaki) shared their music in celebration of Show’s birthday.

Xmas Eileen were the first to take the stage. They carry a mysterious vibe, using masks to cover half of their faces as part of the band’s image. According to their profile on their OHP, their identities are never revealed, adding an interesting air of sophistication to their performance. For this who enjoy musical styles similar to BACK-ON and UVERworld, Xmas Eileen may be your next addiction. With catchy, upbeat tunes; fantastic instrumentals and energetic vocals, it’s hard not to be intoxicated with this band.

The second act was UZMK – a heavy metal-esque band all the way from Osaka. They have a much more intense energy, which may surprise people since the members themselves are very fun and easy-going. During their set, they made it known why they are called “Uzumaki” (which means “whirlpool”). They asked fans to gather in the middle and form circles, in which they would run around together in. Many were rather shy to join, but a few gathered the courage to participate with a small number of UZMK fans leading the way. Regardless of whether people were inside or outside the circle, everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. It gave the impression that UZMK lives are filled with high energy and incredible fun. They are undoubtedly a band worth checking out.

When DIAWOLF stepped onto the stage, the excitement in live house created an amazing atmosphere. The love between the fans and band was evident as everyone screamed with joy to welcome Show Ohara and Tora Amano onto the stage.

They opened their set with “Rebellion” – the title song of their EP. In addition to the songs on their release, there were two extras: Turbulence, which was first played at their previous live in May, and a completely new track named “Afterglow”. Both are compositions by Tora Amano.

Show thanked everyone for celebrating his birthday with him as he shared his heartfelt emotions during the MC. The joy he felt was clearly shown with his bright smile and happy eyes. The fans reciprocated his feelings and continually expressed their love throughout the live.

Amidst the excitement, towards the end of the live, Show attempted to stage dive. Unfortunately, due to the lack of this type of interaction with the audience in the past, fans were unable to support him correctly, resulting in a domino effect. Staff assisted the vocalist back onto the stage while fans tried to help each other. Luckily, no one was injured but a few did struggle to get back up on their feet due to the density of the crowd. Both Show and the staff checked with fans to see if they were alright before the live came to an end.

For those looking for a more edgy flavour, DIAWOLF provides a fresh sound and style. They’ll leave you howling for more.



Heavenly Dark
Everlasting Flavor

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