LIVE REPORT: the GazettE – 15th Anniversary – DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA「BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA」[Yoyogi National Stadium]

As the crowd of eager fans gather quickly in Yoyogi Stadium, there is a strong foreign presence. The sound of Limp Bizkit was loudly playing over the speakers, the stands and arena are almost full. The stage area is completely dark with no distinct markings of any kind; no big “the GazettE” logo, nor any other indicator that a large-scale performance is about to take place.

Suddenly, the music stops and a man makes an announcement. “The concert is about to start. Please don’t stand on the seats and be careful not to bang your heads when headbanging.” Laughter is heard around the hall and some girls can be seen stretching and getting ready for what will be one brutal total body workout.

The lights turn off and beautiful cherry blossom petals fall from the sky. The lights shut off abruptly and red lasers trail across the ceiling, starting from the end of the venue, making their way towards the stage. The stage suddenly transforms with flames and four giant flags rising from the floor. Along with them, the Gazette rise from the floor at top of the stage dressed in their white military outfits. URUHA’s leg peeking from his long coat, RUKI’s hair reaching towards the heavens, AOI with a tight ponytail, REITA and KAI in their usual styles, and the live begins!

The crowd goes wild as the first notes of ANATA NO TAME KONO INOCHI throws everyone into nostalgia mode. With this being their 15th anniversary live, there is no better way to celebrate that than a look back at all those classic songs from years past.

The sound in the venue is so clear, complimenting RUKI’s voice amazingly. The crowd is head banging and waving their arms in perfect unison. These are trained soldiers and it’s incredible to watch.

The dramatic red lights change to a softer blue and ~ZETSU~ starts playing. The crowd cheers even louder and when RUKI says, “Jump!” The crowd asks back, “How high?” In that moment, his word is law and expected to be followed.

The members seem to stick to their spots for most of the concert with RUKI and URUHA occasionally venturing to the sides of the stage.

JUUYONSAI NO KNIFE plays and the crowd switches to different hand and head movements (also known as furitsuke). Many songs have their own set of actions which allows all fans to be more involved.

The breaks between each song seemed longer with the heavier songs. It gave time for both the band and the crowd to catch their breath.

Sugar Pain starts with a guitar solo from AOI, and the screams can be heard across the stadium. With each song, the lighting on the stage changes and while the members are mostly stationary, it feels like they’re taking full advantage of the venue with the elaborate light shows and mood changes.

When SHIIKURETA HARU, KAWARENU HARU plays, the audience stands still. They’re tired but focused. Surprisingly the crowd remained unmoving even when ZAKUROGATA NO YUUTSU played, but then RUKI spoke and got everyone pumped and ready for round two.

During Ruder, the crowd was officially back to complete insanity and received some fanservice as a reward in the form of a double guitar solo with AOI and URUHA.

The band was giving it their all and received the crowd’s full energy once again in return. Even though Yoyogi National Stadium is an all seating venue, fans managed to form mosh pits and when it was time to get on their knees and headbang to KANTO DOGEZA KUMIAI, they made it happen. This was also the last song of the concert so emotions were high. the band left the stage and immediately fans started shouting for an encore

The band obliged to the screams of their fans and returned to play five more songs, this time dressed a little more casually. URUHA dropped the big coat in favour of a long sweatshirt, showing off his lovely thighs to the delight of all the fans. RUKI tried to reveal more by pulling at the garters, providing the audience with some fanservice.

The final song played and the band left the stage again. This time Guns n’ Roses’ “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” started playing immediately and the crowd tried to drown it with more cries of another encore.

Finally, the band came back for an MC in which RUKI thanked the fans for the past 15 years and promised to stay visual and together forever. They then performed MISEINEN and streamers shot out onto the crowd and while more cherry blossom petals fell from the sky.

The song ended and AOI burst into tears. RUKI then asked each member to say something. URUHA and KAI thanked the fans for their support, AOI claimed he wasn’t crying then REITA started crying and couldn’t say anything, so RUKI closed the night by thanking everyone again.

There aren’t that many visual bands that get to celebrate their 15th anniversary. The GazettE has certainly made their mark on the genre and have no intention of backing down anytime soon.

The concert ended with a promotion video announcing their special summer live BURST INTO A BLAZE 3 at FujiQ Highland on August 19th.

From TreasureBox Press, we would like to wish the GazettE a happy 15th anniversary, with many more to come!


Set List:
2. 舐 ~zetsu~
5. Back drop Junkie [nancy]
6. Sugar Pain
7. 蜷局 (TOGURO)
9. Last bouquet
10. Cassis
13. ワイフ
14. Ruder
15. The $ocial riot machine$

2. 赤いワンピース (AKAI ONE PIECE)
5. LINDA ~candydive pinky heaven~

Double Encore:



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