the GazettE BALLAD BEST ALBUM “TRACES VOL.2”: 7th April Release 

the GazettE will commemorate their 15th anniversary with the release of TRACES VOL.2, out digitally worldwide from 10 March, and followed by a limited edition CD from 7 April, released in the UK and Europe via JPU Records and available to preorder now from our website, where orders will include a poster.

The compilation album sees the GazettE bring new life to a selection of their ballads, now staples within Japan’s visual kei genre, by re-recording and remixing them. The regular edition CD will feature ten of these tracks, while the limited initial pressing and digital release will boast two additional songs; Ito and Taion, with the former including lyric translations, transliterations and special packaging.

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TRACES VOL.2 will follow the release of THE GAZETTE WORLD TOUR16 DOCUMENTARY DOGMATIC –TROIS– on DVD, Blu-ray and as a digital download from 24 March. The physical version from JPU Records includes English, French, Germain, Spanish and Italian subtitles and will include a poster when purchased directly from the JPU Records online shop.

TRACES VOL.2 Initial Print Tracklist:

1. Kareuta
2. Cassis
3. D.L.N.
4. Calm Envy
5. reila
6. Untitled
7. Without A Trace
8. Guren
9. Shiroki Yuuutsu
10. Pledge
11. Ito
12. Taion

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