Debuting in June 2017, four former members of the visual kei band MeteoroiD created a new vision with vocalist Tsukishiro by the name of GreeΣ. GreeΣ presented fans with monochromatic visuals and a new range of sound between the five members to differentiate them between their previous band. Before their unfortunate disbandment in November 2017, we were able to snag an interview with them when they were newer to the scene.

TPB: Please introduce yourself and your position in the band!
Tsukishiro: On vocals, I’m Tsukishiro.
Mikado: Mikado, I’m the guitarist.
Machi: I’m Machi, with the fishnet stockings.
Ral: I’m Ral, the bassist.
Tomoya: I’m the drummer, Tomoya.

TBP: How did everyone in the band come to know each other?
Tsukishiro: I was invited along by the four who had previously played together in the same band.
Mikado: We were introduced to each other by a live house manager.
Machi: We’re still just those two brats that were introduced to each other thanks to Takadanobaba AREA [a live house].
Ral: When I got noticed.
Tomoya: I was introduced by a friend while watching a live.

TBP: What is the reason why you wanted to make music?
Tsukishiro: In order to enhance life and to leave a proof of my existence.
Mikado: To establish an identity.
Machi: Because there is nothing else you can express your feelings with.
Ral: It’s the best way to express yourself.
Tomoya: It is the first step towards self-expression.

TBP: What feelings or thoughts do you want to convey to your fans through your music?
Tsukishiro: Hmm, that’s tough to say… Rather than as lovers or family members, it would be nice if it was more like close friends.
Mikado: I want to help you stab through everyday angers with our sound.
Machi: There are many but because there are those who have their own different thoughts and feelings while listening to our music, I don’t want to tie only my meaning to it.
Ral: I want to give everyone the chance to see what they can see and feel.
Tomoya: There are many messages and they differ from song to song.

TBP: Who are your favorite bands and how have they influenced you?
Tsukishiro: L’Arc~en~Ciel for their various song expressions and musical compositions. The existence of DIR EN GREY’s , I’d say, violent and shouting songs. Ishikawa Sayuri’s song expression has seeped into me, and I’ve already been possessed by it.
Mikado: AVENGED SEVENFOLD. Even though it’s a HM (Heavy Metal) Band, they have various components to their music, such as punk and country, so they’re super cool.
Machi: Listing to X JAPAN. It made me interested in Visual Kei.
Ral: Kamisama, Boku wa kizuiteshimatta [TN/: A Japanese rock band. The name can be translated as: “God, I have noticed”] I love their lyrics, their music, their world view, and their artwork. My respect for those creators was the main motive that shaped my way.
Tomoya: X JAPAN, LUNA SEA, limpbizkit, SUM41, Tommy Lee, because they’ve got great drummers and such, those are bands that inspire me a lot.

TBP: What type of feelings will you make your new songs with?
Tsukishiro: It depends on the moment.
Mikado: I want to give shape to the things that I think are cool in that moment.
Machi: A moment when there is a turning point.
Ral: I enjoy creating songs that allow me to express my everyday thoughts
Tomoya: That moment when with things like agony, doubts and other such issues rise up within me.

TBP: What sorts of things or experiences provide you with inspiration when you are creating songs (lyrics or musical compositions)?
Tsukishiro: Stress, displeasure, trauma, desire.
Mikado: I’ve seen many filthy people.
Machi: All the feelings that come along with being alive.
Ral: The feelings of forfeit, despair, disappointment and anger towards myself, the world, and so on.
Tomoya: Past lives.

TBP: Do you have a country or place that you would like to go to?
Tsukishiro: Italy’s Florence, the streets are wonderful, and I love pasta.
Mikado: I wanna go to the USA again!…Saying something like that, I might wanna live there (laughs)
Machi: London.
Ral: I wanna go to the USA again.
Tomoya: Hawaii, Guam, Australia, Dubai.

TBP: When did you first start playing an instrument? Does Tsukishiro-san play an instrument as well?
Tsukishiro: Actually, I’ve played the guitar for about 9 years. I’m not very good though.
Mikado: I started playing the piano when I was 5 years old and electric guitar since I was 16 years old.
Machi: I played drums from middle school until my second year of high school, and since then I’ve played the guitar.
Ral: When I was 15 I started singing and playing the guitar. I started playing bass around 17.
Tomoya: Since my first year of middle school.

TBP: What place do you go to when you need to cool down?
Tsukishiro: My house.
Mikado: My home.
Machi: My family’s house. Because the country air is refreshing.
Ral: My home. If it’s possible, I don’t want to go outside (laughs)
Tomoya: My sofa at home.

TBP: What is your method for relieving stress?
Tsukishiro: It used to be singing, but… what is it now, I guess it’d be exercising.
Mikado: Guitar, muscle training.
Machi: Lives.
Ral: YouTube, NicoNico Douga [TN/: Japanese video streaming site similar to YouTube], watching anime, reading manga, games.
Tomoya: Lives, the time when I hit the drums and the time when I drink alcohol.

TBP: What is your favorite time of day?
Tsukishiro: It differs according to the seasons. For spring it’s lunch time, in summer it’s the morning glow and the twilight, for autumn and winter I guess the late night.
Mikado: The moment before I go to sleep at night
Machi: The night! Provided that it’s a peaceful night!
Ral: When I can see movies, anime, or read manga.
Tomoya: The time when I can sit on my sofa at home.

TBP: What’s something that once you start, you can’t stop?
Tsukishiro: A Japanese snack called “ebisen”. [TN/: Shrimp chips] I also can’t stop surfing the internet, which isn’t good, so I want to stop that.
Mikado: Muscle training.
Machi: Pokémon GO.
Ral: Creative activities. Somehow I always want to create something.
Tomoya: Going for a walk.

TBP: What is your favorite phrase?
Tsukishiro: I want to shine bright.
Mikado: Muscle pain feels good.
Machi: I don’t have a favorite phrase…
Ral: I’m exhausted.
Tomoya: It’s hot.

TBP: Who was your hero when you were little?
Tsukishiro: Kamen Rider Number 1 and Number 2, Jackie Chan. Also Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger are among my heroes.
Mikado: Han Solo.
Machi: Thanks to the influence of my father, it was Kamen Rider.
Ral: The main characters of the Final Fantasy game series.
Tomoya: The main character played by Mel Gibson in the movie MADMAX.

TBP: How do you spend your off days?
Tsukishiro: Surfing the internet, movies, anime.
Mikado: Lately I don’t have days off! (laughs)
Machi: Pokémon GO.
Ral: I go and watch movies.
Tomoya: I go out to drink alcohol.

TBP: If you were not in a band, what kind of job would you have liked to have had?
Tsukishiro: Hmm, maybe at a flower or ramen shop During the summer I’d sell shaved ice and in winter, I’d want to sell Christmas cakes.
Mikado: Creative work.
Machi: A job with Pocket Monsters [Pokémon]
Ral: A general creator. A designer.
Tomoya: A company employee.

TBP: What is everyone’s ‘charm point’ [most attractive feature]?
Tsukishiro: Hmm, my smile? I rarely show it, though.
Makido: I often hear it’s my smile. That its asymmetrical.
Machi: The beauty spot [birth mark] between my lips and my nose.
Ral: My smiling face.
Tomoya: Being a bad drunk.

TBP: Finally, give a message to your overseas fans.
Tsukishiro: I’m Tsukishiro from GreeΣ. Thank you for reading this interview. It’s my dream to do a live abroad. When you support us, please spread and play our music, live footage, Twitter, and YouTube a lot and recommend us to your family and friends. If many people do that, my dream can come true. Please everyone, lend me your strength.
Mikado: Though this is a grave era, music alone is peace. Let’s come together.
Machi: Let’s meet someday!
Ral: I hope that you can, somehow or another, always spend your days happily.
Tomoya: I want you to see us live one time!


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