Interview: LapLus

LapLus is a new visual kei band formed by former DIV member Satoshi. They released their digital mini album “HAKUMEI” on March 7th and just recently performed their debut live at Takanobaba AREA on April 8th. We would like to introduce this band and members to everyone through an exclusive TBP interview!

— Please introduce yourselves.

– Hello, I’m yuki, the vocalist.
– Hi, I’m Takuya on guitar.
– Hello. I’m Ryuichi on bass.
– Hi, I’m satoshi on drums.

— LapLus is a very unique name. What where the origins for this band name?                       

yuki: It comes from the physicist, Pierre-Simon Laplace.
satoshi: Pierre-Simon Laplace proposed the idea that if a person knows the state of motion of all particles (atoms) at a certain time in the universe, then all of their past and future values can be calculated beforehand. I thought about a lot things when it came to this band, but I wanted to put into motion the desire to create our own future.

— Do you play any other instruments? 

satoshi: I play other instruments, such as guitar, bass, and computer programming. The computer programming is an application that I use in order to compose music.
Ryuichi: I can play the guitar. I can also use computer programming for musical composition.
yuki: I can’t play anything.
Takuya: I can play the bass. I also use computer programming when I compose music.

— While you were making your first digital mini album HAKUMEI, what kind of image did you want to convey?

yuki: An album that was shaped by each members initial impulses. That is HAKUMEI.

—Please tell us your favorite track(s) on the album.

Takuya: I like Mugen ni kieta tsubasa wa sajou ni utau and Night Drive.
yuki: It’s HAKUMEI.  It is the very first track that we completed, so I have a strong emotional attachment to it.
Ryuichi: They are HAKUMEI and Mugen ni kieta tsubasa wa sajou ni utau. Mugen ni kieta tsubasa wa sajou ni utau steadily evolved over the course of its production, and when it was completed, it turned into a piece that had exceeded what I had first imagined.
satoshi: I like HAKUMEI, Night Drive, and Mugen ni kieta tsubasa wa sajou ni utau.

— What was your inspiration during the creation of the album?

yuki: “Fragility” was the image we always had in mind. It was something we were conscious of when selecting the songs.

You have your debut live soon. Is there anything you would like to convey to your fans at that live? 

yuki: I want to show them “the future.” I want to make a band like this, one that can grow together with the fans.

What are your goals as a band? 

Takuya: I want us to do a live at Tokyo Dome. We are also aiming to do a live overseas.
Ryuichi: I want us to do many lives at big venues.
satoshi: Mine are the same. I would like for us to be able to do a live at a big venue.
yuki: On a worldwide level. I want us to succeed on an international stage.

What are your goals as individuals?

yuki: “One and only.” I want to become a one-of-a-kind vocalist.
Takuya: I want to become famous as a guitarist. I have yet to travel abroad, so I would to interact with musicians from around the world and to motivate each other.
Ryuichi: I want to impart that this is the artist “Ryuichi.” I want to create the type of existence that leaves a mark on music history and in the hearts and memories of people.
satoshi: I want to create a lot of good songs. I also want to use a huge drum set.

Please tell the person next to you what their charm point is.

satoshi (to Ryuichi) :  Ryuichi is shy. It takes a while to become close with him, but when you do, he is very funny.
Ryuichi (to yuki) :  yuki is cute. I guess his attitude, like “I wonder if he is in a good mood today?” He has a very cute side to him.
yuki (to Takuya) : Takuya is a mood maker. He is very energetic and loud.
Takuya (to Satoshi): Though he usually has a cool image about him, he also laughs with a high voice. I really like that.

What place do you want to go to?

Takuya: I would like to try and go to New York’s Time Square on New Year’s Eve.
yuki: I would like to go to a place that is very popular with Japanese people. Maybe Hawaii?
Ryuichi: I would like to try and go to a place where there isn’t a lot of technology, such as a savanna.
satoshi: I love Hawaii, so I’d like to go there.

Lastly, please give a message to your overseas fans!

Takuya: I would like to go overseas someday. And I want to make music that reaches out to many fans. Please look forward to the success of LapLus.
yuki: I would like for LapLus to be a band that is known by people worldwide. I want to do a world tour someday. And at that time, I look forward to us meeting.
Ryuichi: We make a lot of good music. When we go to your country, please come and meet with us.
satoshi:  I think that LapLus has nice and cool “Visual Kei-ish” music. We want to make and bring a lot of music to you all, so please look forward to that.

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