INTERVIEW: Pentagon Japan

Pentagon formed in 2015, and is a popular visual kei band on the rise. Although the band itself is still quite young, all the members are seasoned musicians. In their answers, Pentagon show us different sides to themselves and emphasize the various colours of the band.


TBP: Please introduce yourself!
Chizuru: I’m the vocalist, Chizuru!
Yutori: I’m the guitarist, Yutori.
Taku: I’m the guitarist, Taku.
Minpha: M i n p h a ,  b a s s .
Atsuki: The drummer, Atsuki

TBP: What was your dream as a child?
Atsuki: To be a hairdresser

TBP: What are the thoughts you want to convey to your fans with your music?
Chizuru: We want to convey that it is alright for human emotions to go up and down. It’s the way they are, and that’s fine. That is what we want to convey.

TBP: Is there an objective or goal that Pentagon would like to reach?
Minpha: N o t  r e a l l y ,  I  t h i n k .

TBP: Please tell us with one phrase the way you view Pentagon’s image.
Yutori: Captain Falcon (T/N: A character of the game F-ZERO)

TBP: Regarding your new single, if you compare it with your previous music, it has a different feeling. In which direction would you like to progress?
Taku: We just do things that we think we would like to do at the time! Like human emotions, Pentagon has many different faces!

TBP: When did you start playing musical instruments? Chizuru, do you play instruments too?
Yutori: Two months after I was born
Chizuru: I can’t play any instrument! (laughs)

TBP: Who is your favorite foreign band or artist?
Atsuki: There’re probably too many to write down.

TBP: Is there a place or country you want to visit?
Minpha: S o u t h  K o r e a.

TBP: In future, would you like to do a live or a tour somewhere other than America?
Taku: I’d like to go to Europe!

TBP: What kind of aim do you have for your activities abroad?
Chizuru: One day, a world tour!

TBP: What is the difference between Japanese and foreign fans?
Chizuru: I haven’t done a live overseas yet, so I’m not sure. However, I’m expecting it to really heat up when we do!

TBP: Many athletes have lucky items or do special routines before entering a match (for example, kissing a necklace). Do any of you have an interesting lucky item or is doing a routine for good luck?
Atsuki: Calisthenics

TBP: When you create songs, what inspires you?
Taku: For me, I often get inspired while watching movies or dramas!
Yutori: I’m inspired by things such as impressionable incidents that happen around me, the feeling of wanting to treasure something… There’s so many!

TBP: What kind of feelings do you use when creating new songs?
Chizuru: We’re currently in the middle of creating new work but because our next production will be a full album, we would like to show everyone our various different faces of expression.

TBP: Chizuru normally writes the lyrics for the songs and other band members compose the music. That was the reason why we thought that you might tell us something about the collaboration process. How does the music and the lyrics come together?
Chizuru: There are occasions when I listen to the music the members composed and I write the songs with a feeling that matches. However, there are also times I don’t get to hear the compositions. With my own image of the devil, I let my emotions lead my pencil.

TBP: What are your charming points?
Minpha: C u t e  a n d  c o o l

TBP: Finally, please give your overseas fans a message.
Yutori: We love you! We really really do!


Special thanks to Pentagon for taking the time to answer our questions, and to FAKE STAR for the opportunity! 

Pentagon OHP

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