Jrock Vault: The Subscription Box For Your Jrock Needs

TreasureBox PRESS is proud to present a sneak peek of a new service for Japanese rock fans, Jrock Vault! We recently received a beta box for review and to give you information on Jrock Vault.

What is Jrock Vault?

Jrock Vault is a bimonthly subscription box service that introduces new bands and artists to fans of Japanese rock and visual kei. Each box features a different artist every other month.


Upon receiving the crate, it was nice to see the care and pride Jrock Vault has for their sturdy and multi-purpose box. The aim for the box is to be use for future storage like band goods, CDs, and the like, which is achievable. The box was wrapped in protective plastic, keeping the custom art on the box damage free during delivery. Unlike most packaging, there is no tape sealing the box shut and simply utilizes flaps that tuck into the side of the box, which makes it easier for reuse. It also keeps the integrity of the artwork, which will change from artist to artist.

Inside the box, the contents are neatly organized and wrapped with black tissue paper, making the items snug in the crate. When the top layer of tissue paper is removed, there is a neatly folded t-shirt and underneath are a poster and CD. The poster is securely rolled in a plastic sleeve, so there are no damaging or distracting folds in the picture. To the right is a CD case in an envelope-like bubble wrap, which is used a lot in imported CDs from sites like CDJapan. This insures that the CD won’t roam the crate or obtain any cracks on its way to your doorstep.

Inside the Box

Since this is a beta box, the contents received were a t-shirt, poster, and CD placeholder. The shirt featured the custom tattoo lettering reading “Jrock Vault”, the brand’s label, in white on a black background. The poster featured a visual kei inspired guitarist with the brand’s logo beneath it that can be seen on the box’s exterior. The art looked digitally made with a water color feel to the background.

Once Jrock Vault launches their first box, it will include a plethora of exclusive goods for fans and newcomers. The main box will include a reusable box with customized art for the featured artist, a theme card, introduction, CD single, t-shirt, poster, photo card, an interview or letter, and some bonus items. The theme card is a postcard expressing Jrock Vault’s gratitude for your purchase and support and also features a list of items inside that month’s crate. In case you’re new to the featured artist, the introduction gives customers a biography and profile of the artist and where to purchase more of their goods and music. T-shirts included are available in American sizes, ranging from Small to 3 X-Large. There will be a 11″ x 17″ poster and postcard size photo of the artist included. Jrock Vault will translate a short interview or letter written by the artist into English, which is a bonus for those not fluent in Japanese. Lastly, Jrock Vault will include a special bonus item, which could be anything from an additional item to an autograph.


Immediately holding, feeling, and looking at the box, it was obvious that the quality would be very satisfactory. The crate is very sturdy and reliable for future reuse. The poster has a nice thick, but durable quality to it and it was nice to see the somewhat raw art details of the artwork in full form compared to the box cover. It has a lot of interesting details that convey the brand by featuring an original “artist” that has a light visual kei aspect to them that’s not overly flamboyant. Lastly, the t-shirt is made of 100% high quality cotton and is very soft to the touch.


If you’re new to Japanese rock and visual kei or simply want to discover new artists in the genre, then subscribing to Jrock Vault will be very beneficial to you. If you’re already part of the target demographic, then you will be able to own exclusive goods from Japanese artists and have a wide range of shirt sizes that are normally not available in Japan. So, now you will be able to represent your favorite artists wherever you go. Also, Jrock Vault ships worldwide, so everyone can feel the jrock love together!

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