It was a cold and slightly windy Monday night, but it did not stop fans of the GazettE from gathering outside of the Toyosu PIT venue. Most were in black GazettE T-shirts, and some in full-out Halloween costumes. As fans made their way into the venue, a red flood light lit the room and the title of the live “Halloween Night 17, The Dark Horror Show, Spooky Box 2” was splashed across the drawn curtains of the stage in a bloody font.

As the lights went out and the sound of echoing footsteps filled the venue the curtains were drawn, a screen was lowered, and a video was played. The video depicted a dark, abandoned hospital – flashing images of babies in the womb, blood, syringes, and the GazettE members acting creepily. Towards the end of the video an empty wheelchair slowly rolled down a hallway and then the screen went black as the words “Abyss” appeared. As the screen went blank, it was quickly lifted away as white lights flashed and the GazettE appeared on stage.

Each member was dressed similarly in mad scientist outfits – black pants and shirts underneath white lab coats. The stage setting behind them was a very detailed rendering of an old, crumbling hospital. The wall was grey concrete, covered in dirty and broken white tiles as wind and smoke blew across the stage as blue and purple lights filled the venue.

Every song played during the live connected to the idea of insanity and the segues into the songs helped to build the eerie atmosphere – RUKI bursting into chilling laughter, the mechanical sounds of searchlights and machinery as white lights span over the crowd, the small hint of classic horror music, and screams echoing in the background. During the performances as well there were small little additions to the sounds of the songs that added a touch of horror to them such as voice modifications when RUKI sang or AOI and URUHA playing their guitars in such a way that the sounds resembled screams. And as the live progressed, the smoke on the stage increased.

As the main part of the live came to an end and the chanting for an encore began, the stage went dark. When the members returned, the atmospheric nature of the concert disappeared as RUKI headed straight into an MC moment. He thanked the fans, humorously, using Japanese commonly heard after one rides a train or bus and are thanked for using that particular service. He then talked about how their first time doing a Halloween themed live was last year, when they thought the idea would be cool, so they tried it out. He then asked how many in the crowd attended the Halloween live last year, and a large number of fans raised their hands. After that, he wanted to see check how many in the crowd were first timers, and a good number raised their hands for that. However, when RUKI asked, “Are there a lot of people cosplaying?” there were far less. There was not enough for his liking, commenting “There should be more because of the concept,” but then told the crowd to have a good, fun, and safe time.

The second MC moment started with RUKI heading off stage and then coming back singing “Happy Birthday” to KAI and bringing out a wheeled table. There were three boxes on top of the table and RUKI asked “What are they?” He also brought out a golden box that he referred to as the “Happy Golden Box.”

When RUKI asked REITA what could be inside the “Happy Golden Box,” he replied, “I don’t know what it is. It could be a fortune.” It was then revealed that inside the box were three paper kuji (lottery tickets) with either #1, #2, or #3 written on it to indicate which box KAI would receive for his birthday.

As KAI stuck his hand into the “Happy Golden Box” to pick one of the kuji, RUKI playfully wondered aloud, “What will he get? What will he get?” KAI then pulled out his kuji and it had #3 written on it. RUKI and the others then motioned for KAI to move away from the table, which was in the center of the stage, and to look away as they checked what was inside the boxes and showed them to the crowd. It was revealed that they were cakes. #1 was a bug cake, which garnered an “Ehhh!” reaction from the crowd, #2 was a strawberry cake, and #3 was another bug cake. After showing the cakes to the crowd, KAI was allowed to see his cake. Upon seeing it he asked, “I can eat it, right? It will be okay, right?”

He didn’t receive an answer, but URUHA lifted up the cake and brought it over to KAI, almost dropping it, and all together they said, “1, 2, 3…” But KAI didn’t eat the cake. He was reassured that the cake had a bug that was edible in it (cricket) and they sang “Happy Birthday” to him once again. RUKI began clapping and started cheering KAI on to eat the cake, “Go, go, go!”

Eventually, KAI said “Let’s eat,” and eat a small piece. He ate another small piece and reeled backwards a bit after doing so. RUKI asked him how it tasted and KAI replied, “It tastes like chicken.” The crowd laughed and both KAI and RUKI took a bow. RUKI explained to the crowd that KAI likes spicy food, so they couldn’t do a spicy cake, and went with two bug cakes instead. Then KAI told the crowd that he was “truly happy” and RUKI asked if anyone in the crowd has eaten bugs. The crowd replied with an overwhelming, “No way!”

That was the last major MC moment and the music playing resumed. The rest of the live kept the upbeat and fun atmosphere that was created during the MC moments and there were even some moments when RUKI threw in some dancing along with his singing.

The first night of the Spooky Box 2 Halloween lives came to an end with RUKI thanking the crowd and KAI throwing his drumsticks out to the fans.

HALLOWEEN NIGHT 17 THE DARK HORROR SHOW SPOOKY BOX 2 Lucy was held the next evening at Toyosu Pit. It was Halloween night and the live started with another video clip. Unlike the video from the night before, the video for Lucy started as if it were a horror movie. A preview screen appeared first and then the video played, showcasing the band in their Halloween costumes. KAI was the Phantom Ripper and wore a black costume with a black feathered cape that gave it a bird-like appearance. REITA was the Psycho Slugger and wore a costume with lots of barb wire and a bat with chains on it. AOI was the Deadly Craw and wore a simple black costume, with a black poison mask on his face and a large clawed glove on his left hand. URUHA was the Mad Sister and dressed up in a nun outfit, carrying a bloodied sword in bandaged hands. And last was RUKI as the Chain Killer, who was dressed in a red mad hatter outfit and was carrying a bloodied chainsaw.

After the video showed the word Lucy, the screen went blank, and the screen was lifted up. The curtains then rose and the live began with a bang. The live started with a heavy headbanger, and the intense metal and headbanging continued for the rest of the concert. The stage setting was that of an old, elegant mansion. The background was the same grey concrete as Abyss’ stage setting, but instead of being offset by blues, purples, and greens, Lucy’s stage setting had deep red curtains. The curtains framed a room that was filled with old, antique looking furniture, an electric chair, and various candle holders all with lit candles in them. There were also white lights strung up near the top of the stage.

During the live, RUKI often had brief MC moments where he would yell at the crowd, telling them to “Die” and using profanities to rile them up. He also often included motions such as the beheading hand motion, imitating being hung, and putting his finger to his temple like a gun to the head. All of those motions indicated violence and death. The Abyss lived consisted of songs that explored the idea of insanity and the creepy aspects of horror, while the Lucy lived consisted of songs that explored the violence and gore of horror. Every song was about anger and violence and both the red in the stage lighting and the continuous heavy metal songs fed into creating that atmosphere.

As with the previous night’s live, it was during the encore section when the horror atmosphere was broken. The MC moment started with REITA swinging his chained bat down onto the stage. RUKI then thanked the fans, who shouted loudly in response. RUKI then asked if everyone was enjoying themselves and talked about how this was the GazettE’s second time doing a Halloween themed live; this time with two concepts. He asked the crowd, “How were they [the concepts]?” and the crowds’ response was to once again cheer loudly.

RUKI continued talking and made the realization that it was actually Halloween. He then promptly wished everyone a Happy Halloween. He then went off stage for a moment, only to return with the Chain Killer’s chainsaw. The chainsaw was, according to RUKI, “[His] friend, Yuji.” After that very brief introduction, RUKI took away the chainsaw, stating that it was very heavy. He stated how grateful he was to everyone one and then riled up the fans as the music resumed. During the remaining performances, RUKI even reached out, briefly clasping hands or touching the arms of the fans crowdsurfing in the front.

During both of the Halloween lives fan interaction was kept to a minimum until the encore sections in order to keep the visual narratives unbroken. Even after the final encore song came to the end, and all the picks and drumsticks had been thrown into the crowd, the horror inspired narratives of the past two lives continued through some videos, which announced such things as a DVD/Blu-Ray release of Abyss and Lucy, a concert announcement, a new album announcement, and a new song announcement. And just before the fans started trickling out of the venue, RUKI said “Thank you” in both Japanese and English, and bid everyone farewell in Spanish – “Adios!”

Setlist (Monday, October 30th)

01.Bath Room
05.虚無の終わり 箱詰めの黙示 (Kyomunoowari Hakozumenomokushi)
06.奈落 (Naraku)
09.体温 (Taion)
10.千鶴 (Chizuru)

EN01.ザクロ型の憂鬱 (Zakurogata no Yuuutsu)
EN02.赤いワンピース (AKAI One-Piece)
EN04.LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven~

WEN01.関東土下座組合 (Kantou Dogeza Kumiai)

Setlist (Tuesday, October 31st)

11.The $ocial riot machine$
15.関東土下座組合 (Kantou Dogeza Kumiai)

EN02.Psychedelic Heroine
EN03.Filth in the beauty

WEN01.LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven~

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