In celebration of MUCC’s 20th anniversary they’ve announced a series of events showcasing their theme of ‘20’. So far 15 announcements have been made including a new album, two “Best Of” compilations, and a tour DVD. A Spring tour and a two-day tour final are also a part of this wonderful celebration.

On the final day of the tour, excitement and love filled the venue as fans filed in and took their places. A buzzing of anticipation filled the air as the lights darkened without warning. Spotlights of green, blue, red and white spiralled across the crowd and eventually settled on the fine black curtain covering the stage. The silhouette of the members appeared on the stage one by one, greeted by the cheers of the fans. Tatsuro spoke to the fans and told them he was going to connect them to the future before starting with the first song MYAKUHAKU.

The curtain dropped to reveal a skull and cross logo in the background with all the members ready at their stations. Blue and red lights softly lit up the stage as the acoustic created a serene atmosphere amongst the crowd. Fans moved beautifully in sync with the song as they slowly warmed to the performance. The lovely timbre in Tatsuro’s voice shined through from the very beginning, adding to the atmosphere of the livehouse.

In a complete change of pace, the band kicked off ZETTAI ZETSUMEI with Tatsuro urging the crowd to bring out their energy. “Let’s go crazy Tokyo!!” The band took the lead by going all-out on stage, and their fans followed immediately with their high energy. During the song, he commanded the fans to jump, which shook the livehouse all the way to the upper floors.

They kept up the high energy as they moved onto CLASSIC, displaying a few playful antics during their performance. Tatsuro joked with Miya, pushing him out of his way while they shared the stage. This didn’t affect Miya at all as he continued to show his impressive guitar skills, especially in his solo. The rhythm of Satochi’s drumming also shone through, making his presence known from his drum kit.

During KILLEЯ, Tatsuro threw himself into the crowd and the fans at the front supported him well. More love and playfulness was shown as Miya and YUKKE played together in unison, showcasing a wonderful combination of guitar and bass teamwork.

ZETSUBOU continued with the hardcore pace. However, the room was met with a sudden change as KIMI NI SACHI ARE began. Tatsuro captured the fans with his harmonica and the dimly lit stage added a dramatic aura to the moment. A voice full of emotion and a moving guitar solo combined with orange and yellow lighting at the end created a feeling of hopefulness, leaving feelings of warmth in the hearts of everyone in the room. The lights slowly flickered and faded into the darkness before a short MC, where Tatsuro introduced the band and asked everyone to enjoy themselves until the end.

They continued on limitless energy as KOKUEN heated up the room again in an instant. Miya and YUKKE made full use of the stage. Satochi kicked off BILLY×2 – Entwines ROCK STARS- with a shout while holding his drumstick in the air. In RINGO, Tatsuro added more of a playful feel with his tambourine. As YUKKE played his solo, the notes of his bass resonated with the heart beats of the crowd, as if he was pumping more energy throughout everyone’s body.

WASURENAGUSA and EMP shifted the energy back to a softer feeling once again, with the audience deeply focused on each song. The silhouettes of the band members looked mystical on the stage as the lights constantly changed directions. The lights impacted their performance and song choice, showcasing a variety of emotions that encompassed their 20 year musical journey as MUCC. COMMUNE was one such beautiful display. Tatsuro stood on one leg with absolute grace to his presence and posture as he sang with so much heart in the ballad. When the song came to a close, he bowed with elegance and was met with applause.

Once again, another change of pace was set with HIMITSU – a catchy, jazzy beat. The colourful lights formed a star at times, and during others, formed a wing-like projection on Tatsuro, creating the appearance of an angel delivering his band’s music to the world.

After SIRIUS, the band took a short breather for another MC. “The tour really ends today.” The crowd showed their disappointment, but Tatsuro mentioned the Budoukan live in June and said, “We won’t forgive if you don’t come along!”

The members enjoyed themselves talking to the fans and between themselves. They used the opportunity to take a group photo with the audience before launching back into the live. As they wrapped up the MC, Tatsuro told everyone to do their best the next day, regardless of what it was. It helped bring the energy back up again as they went straight into their last round of songs.

With another burst of energy, MUCC went full speed ahead which excited the entire livehouse, losing themselves in the moment. Lights flashed all around as they powered through HEIDE, SUIMIN, ENDER ENDER and MAE E. Absolute chaos ensued as MR. LIAR played and the fans took the heat to new heights, before finishing off with FUKA that ended with a final scream from Tatsuro. Satochi poured all his remaining energy into his drumming. The red lighting added to the dramatic fervour of the moment as the curtains closed.

Fans called endlessly for an encore, continuing with their high energy with yells towards the stage to draw the band back out. The curtains opened with MOUMOKU DE ARUGA YUE NO SOGAIKAN starting with a mix of flickering lights accompanying the sound of white noise. The members were revealed in new stage outfits, and Tatsuro held a contemplative stance throughout the song. In the background, a white backdrop appeared and was accompanied by deep red lighting, which created a new depth of feeling for the stage.

All the members started to dance as the intro to SHOUFU began thereby lifting the energy of the audience once again. Tatsuro was clearly enjoying himself as he continued dancing throughout the entire song, and pointed the mic out at the audience to have them sing along.

Fans clapped along to the intro of 1997, and showed their enthusiasm with crowdsurfing. By far, it was the most interactive song in the entire live. Tatsuro asked fans to crouch down and on his count everyone jumped up and shook the venue. As the song ended, the backdrop was released suddenly and shocked the crowd (which the band anticipated). Satochi started the rhythm for SHANGRI-LA, the final song for the evening. Behind the band their album logo was revealed once again as they finished the live with an emotional intensity.

Tatsuro took one last bow as the curtains dropped slowly. Miya, YUKKE and Satochi continued playing until the band was out of sight and the stage lights were turned off, signifying the end of the night.

TreasureBox PRESS would like to thank MUCC and their staff for this wonderful opportunity and wish the band the best.



  1. 脈拍 (Myakuhaku)
  2. 絶体絶命 (Zettai Zetsumei)
  5. 絶望 (Zetsubou)
  6. 君に幸あれ (Kimi ni Sachi are)
  7. 黒煙 (Kokuen)
  8. BILLY×2 – Entwines ROCK STARS-
  9. りんご (Ringo)
  10. 勿忘草 (Wasurenagusa)
  11. EMP
  12. コミューン (Commune)
  13. 秘密 (Himitsu)
  14. シリウス (Sirius)
  15. ハイデ (Heide)
  16. スイミン (Suimin)
  18. 前へ (Mae e)
  19. Liar
  20. 孵化 (Fuka)


  1. 盲目であるが故の疎外感 (Moumoku De Aruga yue No Sogaikan)
  2. 娼婦 (Shoufu)
  3. 蘭鋳 (Ranchu)
  4. 1997
  5. シャングリラ (Shangri-la)


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