LOKA Digital Release: “SENSE OF CRISIS” and “LET IT DIE -20XX-“


LOKA released a new single for digital download on the 20th of January, going full speed ahead into the new year. SENSE OF CRISIS and LET IT DIE-20XX- were released simultaneously for digital download, with the latter featured on the PS4 game “LET IT DIE”.

The lyrics to SENSE OF CRISIS, which are entirely in English, speak of two individuals on a dangerous journey to stay together against all odds. Kihiro’s rough though not harsh vocals are sung with a layer of desperation. They are backed by the deep and persistent sound of drums, which gives the song a sense of urgency. The repetitive drum beat creates the feeling of a wall – of being trapped. There are brief moments of tranquil electronic beats that occur at the beginning and middle of the song. They represent the fleeting moments of calm, but as Kihiro sings “We have no time for sleeping, because every second kills.” We hear this happen as the electronica gets engulfed by hard rock. The shift in genre and sound helps tie the music and the lyrics together making for a song that tells a compelling story.

LET IT DIE jumps straight into heart pounding hard metal rock. As the sounds of guitar, bass, and drums smash out a pummeling beat, Kihiro sings a song about fighting and survival. The chorus is a harsh shout of “Fight! Fight! Fight! Let it die!” The yelling vocals and pounding metal rock continues through the vast majority of the song, creating the visual of a hectic “life or death” fight. Though towards the middle-end of the song, there is sudden shift into a cacophony of futuristic sounds that modifies the image of this fight into one that contains controlled movement, fluidity, and clarity. All of that transforms into chaos once again as the blood pumping metal rock returns, recreating the image of a hot blooded fight. It all cumulates into a final whispered “Let it die,” which will have that hot blood running cold.


LET IT DIE is a post-apocalyptic game set in South Western Tokyo. The world suffers from massive destruction in 2026 AD due to a large tectonic disturbance. One result of that disturbance is South Western Tokyo separating from the main island and becoming a smaller island all its own. This island is filled with fog and has a large, towered spiral that runs through the middle of it, reaching from the ocean to the sky.

Players wake up in this world with no food and minimal clothing. They have to fight and scavenge for food and armor as they explore the mysterious spiral with a reaper named Uncle Death as their guide. It is an “extreme action game,” where death doesn’t necessarily mean “GAME OVER.”

LET IT DIE is already available for purchase in the US and EU, and will be released in Japan on March 9th, 2017.

LOKA’s tracks are available for download on Apple Music on the following links:


Credit to Jessica Canavan for the review on SENSE OF CRISIS and LET IT DIE -20XX-, and game summary.

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