Members of SuG Release Comments Concerning the Indefinite Hiatus

Earlier this week, we were met with the sad news of SuG’s indefinite hiatus. Below are translations of the comments that were released by the members.

All the things that I could and couldn’t do, I did them all. But, I couldn’t protect SuG.

I apologise to everyone and at the at the same time, I feel utterly disappointed at my own helplessness. Meeting the members of SuG was everything to me, for I did not hold a single wish in this life. If I had never met my band members, all of the fans, and all of the people who have supported us, then I believe that I would not have been able to have experienced so many irreplaceable days.

And, in times when nothing was going right, a coward such as myself could choose to take on a desperate challenge to search for that hope.

That was all thanks to the fans.

Even though I was weak, even though I was worn out, I stayed strong.

I am truly grateful that I have continued to challenge myself in such a SuG like way and will march forward until the end. It may be selfish of me to do, but within this limited time we have, I would like to choose my feelings of thankfulness over my regrets.

This was a past decade that was saved by the words, music, and everyone’s hopes and wishes.

Thank you.



I cannot express how truly grateful I am to everyone who has supported SuG throughout these past ten years. But even more than that, I am truly sorry.

Although there were hardships, meeting these band members, being given so many cheers from all of the fans, receiving support from all of the press, and having been able to come so far has been a huge driving force for me.

I am sorry that there is no point to the fact that we have finally made it to the Budokan.

I want to show the proof of our hard work these past ten years during our Budoukan performance, and if in those moments when I am on stage you can feel it together with me, I will be happy.

Thank you for all of the support you have given me.



For the fans, I believe that the various circumstances don’t matter, so I won’t make up any excuses.

I’m sorry!

Due to personal reasons I feel that I will no longer be taking to the stage, however, since I believe that there are band members who will be continuing to pursue music, please cheer them on from here on out. m(_ _)m

I am grateful that we will end with our biggest challenge and that we be able to greet the seeming end of SuG in such a heavily positive way.

Let’s keep looking forward until the end and take on our last performance at Budokan d(- -) !



I sincerely apologize that this time I will have to make such a regretful announcement.

These past ten years have been a time when I have poured my all into SuG. Although it did stop once, it is immensely painful to lose something that has been a part of about one third of my life. But it was because I knew that to keep going was the most difficult that I was able to keep on frantically trying for ten years. However, it really came down to our lack of ability to choose amongst them.

I don’t know what is personally in store for my musical life from here on out. I am just completely flooded by gratitude towards all of the fans and press that have continued to support us, and above all my band members who I spent so many months and days with over these past ten years.

Thank you so very much!

In my musical life there have been so many things: greetings, partings, reunions, and more. I don’t know what the future will hold for the rest of the members, but it would make me happy to see their individual projects and activities being supported.

You all have given me the best ten years of my life.

I promise that, on September 2nd, 2017 at the Budokan, we will make it the best live out of these ten years, so please look forward to it!



For ten years, SuG has earnestly been looking and moving forward. I’ve been a part of that for eight years.

After making my way, one-by-one, through many hardships, I have finally arrived at the Budokan. I was able to get this far due to the many people who have lent me a helping hand.

I was able to meet the best band members, received behind-the-scenes support from the staff, and was cheered on countless times by you all – the fans. All of these things have become assets in my life.

There are no words to properly express how grateful I am for the people who stuck with me through everything. Thank you so very, very much. It will be the last day for me to take to the stage and create something together with you all – the fans.

This will be our culmination as SuG. So, everyone, smiling with tears in our eyes – let’s make this the best and most brilliant day of our lives.


Source: SuG Official LINE blog


Everyone at TreasureBox PRESS wish SuG good fortune with their future, no matter what path they may take. We hope that the Budokan live is unforgettable for everyone.


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