Monthly Treasure – Ayakashi no Kiko

Active Members: 貘 -Baku- (Vocals) & TaNa (Guitar)


Their debut live event as recently as January 20th 2019 in Taiwan. AYAKASHI NO KIKO may seem like new kids on the block, but the experience of the founding members, Baku and TaNa, show that isn’t the case at all. Baku has had a history of many performances as a vocalist in the Japanese band Hana Shounen Baddies, while TaNa has had just as much experience in the industry through his work alongside vocalist Kaya and Chargeeee (drummer for ex: Megadeth Marty Friedman) in Kaya’s band, Femme Fatale. With the combined experience of both these talented musicians, Akyakashi no Kiko is bound for greatness.


In late January, they released their single, which was simply titled AYAKASHI NO KIKO. This single combines elements of traditional Asian music with a modern rock styleーit is sure to please those lusting for something new, unique, and refreshing to listen too. Along with the release of the first single, the band has released a dazzling PV as well as an enthralling video showcasing the bands first live events. Both of these can be enjoyed below. Links to the band’s social media are linked at the end of the article.

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