Monthly Treasure: SiM


MAH – vocals
SHOW-HATE – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
SIN – bass guitar, backing vocals
GODRi – drums, backing vocals


In November 2004, MAH founded Silence iz Mine—a three piece band with MAH as vocalist and guitarist, KAH as bassist, and way as drummer. In 2008 and 2009, the band shortened its name to SiM. They solidified their member formation with SHOW-HATE taking the guitar role from MAH and SIN and GODRi filling in for bass and drums respectively.

SiM brings a unique brand of rebellious lyrics and an in your face attitude with their sound. They stand out from other Japanese alternative metal bands by mixing heavy metal, alternative, hip-hop, ska, reggae, dubstep, and punk in an infectious and energetic way that leaves listeners wanting more. Even their slower songs convey a strong emotion and remain faithful to their alternative rock sound.


June 2008 marked the first full album release, Silence iz Mine, and SiM’s first live performance in Kyoto. Their visual promotional efforts for their album through “Jack.B” and “ANTHEM” displayed their mixture of sounds and high energy. “ANTHEM” offered a small sample of their reggae side, but mainly focused on their hard punk sound and raw high energy in a live setting. While “Jack.B” showed off their seamless transitions, musically and vocally, and their consistent stamina on set. Both gave potential fans a good listen of SiM’s musical diversity and ability to mix various genres into one song.

From then on, the band has been very consistent with releases, giving fans 4 full length studio albums, 3 mini-albums, 9 singles, and 4 live DVDs. They’ve made covers of The Beatles’ “Come Together” on their first album and participated in a Japanese tribute album for Nirvana called Nevermind Tribute. Some of their songs have also been featured in various video game and anime openings such as Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs Maxi Boost ON and Shingeki no Bahamut (Rage of Bahamut). On the live front, they have done tours and collaborations with other Japanese alternative favorites CROSSFAITH, coldrain, and ONE OK ROCK as well as performed at Ozzfest Japan, Summer Sonic Festival, Knotfest in both Japan and USA, and various other festivals.

On December 6, 2017, SiM released their latest single, A/The Sound of Breath, and uploaded 2 PVs for each song. “The Sound of Breath”, their latest upload, will be featured as the ending of the video game, Yakuza Kiwami 2. Check out the video below and enjoy!

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