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Vocals: Ayumu
Bass: Megu


In the spring of 2002, Pineal’s bassist Megu met the vocalist of Cherry Feel, Ayumu, at a live show and asked her to join a new band she was creating. Ayumu agreed and the next year they signed a record deal with VAP. June 2003 was the official debut of the duo called Zwei.

The band’s name is German for “two” and are produced by British producer Nick Wood, which explains the European influence in their sound. Their music is often described as a mixture of Japanese pop and UK rock. Their lyrics often feature empowering words and a wide range of inclusive romantic themes such as LGBT+ in their earlier works. During their music career, Zwei made a couple label switches from VAP to Universal Music Japan and currently 5pb.. While their music already showcased a techno rock sound, their music became more upbeat electro-pop with hints of rock for their contributions for various anime and game songs that 5pb. produced.


In 2004, Zwei released 2 singles―“Movie Star” in May, and “Watashigai no Uta” in July. Both PVs showed off the ladies’ natural chemistry between each other with minimal props in a simplistic CGI space. “Movie Star” showcases Ayumu’s passionate vocals combined with an electro-pop symphonic fusion, while “Watashigai no Uta” emphasizes Megu’s bassist with a more pop/rock sound. By October, the duo released their first full length album, Pretty Queen. The album displayed the duo’s musical versatility with their variation of slow ballads to upbeat pop/rock songs. The following year they produced 3 more singles, their second album, and went on their first nationwide tour. By 2006, they released a special DVD box called “Zwei in the Box”, which featured two discs containing 5 PVs, bonus live footage, and TV spots for their fans. Spring 2006 marked the duo’s film shoot of their most controversial PV, “Denny”. The video contained Ayumu and Megu playing on stage at a club, while a storyline of two women on a balcony participated in somewhat graphic bondage activities. Fortunately, they made two versions of the video: one that is heavily edited and another that could only be seen on their official website.

After switching labels in the fall of 2006, Zwei released their highly anticipated single “1+1=2” under Universal Music Japan. Unfortunately, the single under-performed due to the high volume of releases and lack of promotion from the label. Despite the low sells numbers, Zwei pushed forward with various joint and solo tours with bands such as GLAMOROUS HONEY and S.Q.F. Later they released the single “DISTANCE/Koe”. The “DISTANCE” PV featured a heartwarming song displaying various types of relationships between people interacting with each other and showing the different types of love in the world from couples to families. “Koe” allowed the duo to branch out with their creativity by writing their first song.

By 2010, Zwei moved to the gaming company 5pb. and made some songs for various games the label created. One of the most notable titles was Robotics;Notes, which the duo did the opening theme for in the visual novel and anime. Along with doing solo and supporting projects before the label switch, Zwei’s popularity had risen among the anime and gaming community, which in turn has given them opportunities to guests at various overseas anime conventions worldwide. As of today, the duo has released 17 singles, 5 albums, a special DVD box, and a few little collaborative singles.

On June 2017, Zwei released their latest album, Ley Line. The album features “Red Zone”, the ending song of the anime Terraformars Revenge. You can listen to the song by clicking the video below!

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