This Month’s Treasure is Yumeleep – A Visual Kei Band of the New Generation

Welcome to TreasureBox PRESS’ first Monthly Treasure! In this series, we will cover bands and artists who catch our attention, and present them to you at the beginning of each month.

This month, we would like to present Yumeleep!


Vocals: Makuranemu
Guitar: Tamate
Bass: Omochi
Drums: Urara


Yumeleep is a fairly new visual kei band that formed in early 2017 after the disbandment of melvel. Three members of melvel recruited bassist Omochi and drummer Urara. They were briefly known as nightmare syndrome, then changed their name to Yumeleep.

The band’s concept is “sleep talk” and often wear pastel goth, monochromatic clothing. The musicians usually have matching clothes and don ram horns in the pastel colored hair, while the vocalist Makuranemu dresses in a nightgown like attire and sometimes wears larger horns or a bonnet on his head.


In February, they released their first PV for “kame no ohitsuji” to promote their debut mini-album, Dream Matter. This displayed their concept more with dreamlike and sometimes nightmare inducing melodies and gentle auto-tuned vocals that will lull listeners to sleep or conversely, haunt their subconscious.

Currently the band has one limited live single, 2 singles, and a mini-album in the discography with their first album set to release in May 2018. Below is their latest PV, “Kage kui makura”. Please enjoy!

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