Sailor Moon Musical (Sera Myu) to Make US Debut!

SM Musical

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical is coming to Anime Matsuri 2017, held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX Friday, April 7, through Sunday, April 9.

There will be a special performance by the Japanese cast of 9 Sailor Guardians joined by Tuxedo Mask to officially commemorate the establishment of “April 7th” as Sailor Moon Day in Houston.

Anime Matsuri’s Official Website

Anime Matsuri 2017
Dates: Friday, April 7th – Sunday, April 9th, 2017
Venue: George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston (U.S.A.)

Sailor Moon Special Performance
Time and Date: TBA
Cast: Hotaru Nomoto (Sailor Moon), Yume Takeuchi (Sailor Mercury), Karen Kobayashi (Sailor Mars), Kaede (Sailor Jupiter), Rimo Hasegawa (Sailor Venus),
Syu Shiotsuki (Sailor Uranus), Sayaka Fujioka (Sailor Neptune), Mikako Ishii (Sailor Pluto), Karin Takahashi (Sailor Saturn),
Dancers: Risa Kawamura, Yoshimi Hidano, Ayano Nagasawa, Ayumi Sagisaka
Yuga Yamato (Tuxedo Mask)

More details to come as they are released. Make sure to pre-register for your badge and book your convention hotels soon! This one looks like its going to be a doozy!

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