SERAPH Nico Nico Broadcast on Saturday, July 29th

The debut of “SERAPH,” a solo project by Shinya of DIR EN GREY fame!

Along with the confirmation of a special program.

Shinya, the drummer for DIR EN GREY, one of the most representative Japanese rock band in the world, has launched his solo project “SERAPH”.

Ahead of their debut single “Génesi”, which will be released on Friday, August 18th, a special program will be broadcasted on Nico Nico Live on Saturday, July 29th.

Shinya will appear as the host of the program and will talk about their music, the story of their formation, the future of the project, and more.

During the program, a short version of the “Génesi” MV (a lyrics video) will be revealed for the first time.

Furthermore, “Destino”, the opening theme of the movie “Reigan Tantei Quartet”, will also be revealed. This track is not included on the debut single “Génesi” and will be available for the first time outside of theaters.

Any details of other members, such as who is on piano and vocal, have not been made public yet. Perhaps they will finally be revealed?

Don’t miss out on this special program, which will show you the future of “SERAPH”!



Program Details

Shinya(DIR EN GREY) solo project [SERAPH] debut special

Date : 7/29(Sat) 20:00 (JST)

Live stream & Timeshift URL :

Appearance : Shinya (SERAPH, DIR EN GREY)

MC : Takuya Hoshino



Release Information

  1. Génesi
  2. Génesi {Instrumental Version}
  3. Génesi {Orchestra Version}


[DISC 2 : DVD]

  1. Génesi {Lyric Video}
  2. Special Clip


2 discs (CD+DVD) SRPH-001~002 2,400yen+tax

Manufactured by sun-krad Co., Ltd.

Distributed by sun-krad Co., Ltd.

*Limited quantities


Official Store “GALAXY BROAD SHOP”


“Génesi” Pre-release

iTunes Store



SERAPH Official Website




Shinya Channel

DIR EN GREY Official Website

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