sleepyhead, TeddyLoid, and Myth & Roid Light up Tekko 2019

On the evening of Saturday April 13th, 2019, a halo of stars is scheduled to anoint Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center in the form of musical supernovas Myth & Roid, TeddyLoid, and sleepyhead–the latter-most going so far as to honor Steel City with their American debut performance. The artists are featured guests of Pittsburgh’s annual anime convention Tekko (formerly Tekkoshocon) and are the latest in a long line of showstoppers ushered state-side thanks to the hard work of the amazing people at FAKE STAR USA and the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society (PittJCS). The event has yet to disappoint after 16 consecutive sessions, but this year is shaping up to reach new heights.

Whatcha hiding under that hair?

As if breaking into the western scene didn’t generate enough heat, sleepyhead is coming to America fresh off the release of their EP meltbeat just last month. They first hit the scene in March 2018 so the level of buzz they tend to generate might seem strange, but it only makes sense considering the bandmates are a group of veterans who had the foresight to spot a winning combination together. Ex-SuG member Takeru (born Miyomoto Takeshi) leads the group with over five albums worth of fire and, more importantly, a renewed sense of inspiration.

The use of oshare-kei (loosely, “positive-heavy”) aesthetic in his previous tenure makes a return as the foundation of sleepyhead’s sound, but there’s an unmistakable sense of growth in comparison. Off the jump, the collective made it a point to embrace new-found independent freedom.  Their most recent album, DRIPPING, pushed artistic boundaries by taking their foundation and injecting it–no pun intended–with a dose of rhythmic sensuality.

As musicians with overflowing inspiration tend to do, Takeru expanded the borders of his creative space further with the creation of his own fashion brand, million dollar orchestrA. What’s more, congoers will get the a chance to see these pieces light up the runway first-hand. Organized by FAKE STAR USA, Tekko will host a fashion show this Friday 4/12 showcasing pieces from million dollar orchestrA as well as a pantheon of other labels.

PROGRAM CHANGE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, sleepyhead has been cancelled last minute and will not be performing at Tekko 2019.

The only man who can blend polka with electronica and STILL make it slap

To call TeddyLoid prolific is an understatement. If the futuristic name didn’t tip you off, he’s primarily known production work in electronica. Thankfully, recent outings and promotional work have put him on-track to receive the credit he deserves. The way he’s been peaking his head out from under the soundboards suggests he’s out to prove there’s more to him than ‘just’ phenomenal beats.

Granted, his toolbox speaks for itself. You’d be hard pressed to find two of his songs that sound alike. He also has backgrounds in classical and hip hop which frequently cross over in the most wonderfully bizarre ways. If there was ever an artist whose work provided an imprint of their personality, it’d be TeddyLoid–based solely off the surreal career he’s (we’ve) enjoyed.

At age 18, he entered Japan’s soundscape by producing for the legendary guitarist MIYAVI. Despite his age, MIYAVI must’ve seen something in the young TeddyLoid since it wasn’t long until he took the young cyborg bear cub with him on tour.

Arguably his biggest claim to fame is his work at the helm of the soundtrack to the wonderfully-trashy anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Although the score’s production is credited to the also-fire Taku Takahashi of M-Flo fame, it’s hard to deny TeddyLoid stole the show with his sheer range. From “Immoral Church”’s stuffy organs, to “Fly Away”’s ethereal hype, back down to “Daten City”’s staccato frump, before finally submitting obedience to “Theme for Scanty & Knee Socks”; every full-listen is an outright journey.

As if a project involving heavenly strippers wasn’t spicy enough, TeddyLoid followed up with a track that sparked an explosion of “_____ react” YouTube videos by providing the music to “Me!Me!Me!”–a music video that’s either a critical take on otaku culture or a marketing scheme for Evangelion 3.0+1.0 (You Will (Not) Be Satisfied by This Ending) depending on who you ask. The composition alone is enough to make “Sicko Mode” blush with the amount of beat-switching going on.

When he’s not pushing boundaries with absolute bangers, TeddyLoid makes time to DJ–get this–as a work-out session: “I go out to clubs and big concert venues as a DJ every week to get energy and motivation. DJing gives me hints to my song writing because I can receive direct responses from people, like what type of music excites and moves people.” If you think this amounts to picking a few tracks before sitting back and letting the night play itself out, think again. His first Panty-and-Stocking-themed set at Mogra in Akihabara went on for hours with RoboBear (okay wait, ro-bear is definitely better than cub-borg or cy-bear-g…right?)

The level of dedication and talent in this man is unreal. He became a professional beat-boxer at age 15, went on a world tour with MIYAVI at 18, orchestrated arguably one of the best anime soundtracks of all time at 21, and just this year broke into an artistic genre that technically doesn’t even exist yet.

In February 2019, TeddyLoid collaborated with W&W and Kizuna AI for a bleeding-edge virtual reality project aimed at the rave/festival-going public—suggesting an experience capable of sharing the phenomena of being in a sea of music without actually having to be there.

As far as virtual reality has come, con-goers at Tekko this Saturday will be relieved to know they’ll get a chance to experience it first hand–without having to bear a headset.

Do roids dream of electric myths?

From an investigative perspective, it’s hard to cover a group like Myth & Roid if for no other reason than their undeniable presence. Acts like sleepyhead and TeddyLoid have dedicated cult followings, but if you’ve followed anime in the past two years at all, chances are you’re already a member of the Myth & Roid hive

The group made themselves known in 2015  with the single “L.L.L.”–the ending theme to season 1 of Overlord. From there, they followed up with BBK/BRNK’s “Anger/Anger”, but it wasn’t until 2016 that they cemented their place in the pantheon of Japanese animation scores with their contributions to the monolithic series, Re:Zero.

“Styx Helix” was just the beginning since it wasn’t long until we got hit with “Straight Bet”, which was succeeded by “Paradisus-Paradoxum”, then “Theater D”, and FINALLY “Jingo Jungle”. Hazard to say, Myth & Roid contributed so much to Re:Zero‘s roller coaster of emotions that without them, we may never have laid witness to the thousands of ships launched in the waifu wars of 2015 (Emilia won, @ me)

For anyone looking for good music, good style, and good vibes with an appetite for giant robots and subtitles–Piitsburgh’s Tekko 2019 comes highly recommended. The con runs from Thursday 4/11 through Sunday 4/14. If you happen to see a member of TreasureBox PRESS while you’re there, go up to them and say “woop woop!” to get an exclusive TBPress sticker (while supplies last).

Hope to see you there!

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