LIVE REPORT: Smileberry – 3rd Oneman Tour “HARU NO EGAO DAISAKUSEN” [Shibuya REX] – March 12th


In a small clubhouse in Shibuya, one band is set to make the world sparkle and smile.

Smileberry, a relatively new band hailing from Osaka started their oneman tour in Tokyo. The members, Motoki (vocals), Paru (guitar), Ritsu (guitar), Yuna (bass) and Charlie (drums) are on a mission. Their concept is “Super Smile Rock !! – crybaby extermination” and they take it very seriously. This concert was extra special as it coincided with Charlie’s birthday! This ended up being not only a happy coincidence but the concert’s theme; even the stage was set up to represent that with Charlie’s drum set placed at the front rather than in the back.

The members came on stage all smiles and ready to rock. The sound was very well balanced even in such a small venue. The fans, armed with several illuminated rings on each hand were going crazy.

The band sparkled and shined as they performed OneStory and the fans, having watched the dance instruction videos on YouTube, knew exactly what to do and when.

Motoki, jumped around and gave the biggest smiles. Paru and Charlie followed suit and kept the mood high. Yuna and Ritsu, mostly stayed in the back and kept to themselves.

A lot of the dances required the fans to take side steps which created quite a different atmosphere, one much friendlier and closer than other concerts. It matched beautifully with the band’s message of smiling and happiness. The band continued to perform some incredibly hyper songs and Paru gave a great guitar solo.

A short MC break indicated a slight shift in tone. The audience went quiet and the band performed a few softer songs. Between those songs, the fans remained quiet and didn’t clap.

The band cleared the stage and Charlie began his amazing drum solo. Unfortunately, the setup that was made to highlight him for this show was a bit of a detriment as half of the time he faced away from the fans. Nevertheless, he gave his all, showing both skill and lots of personality. When he was finished, the rest of the band came back on stage and the fans went back to their crazy selves.

Nearing the end of the concert, the band performed a new song, which meant the audience had to learn a new dance. The new song had a very “Super Smile Rock!” vibe to it; very upbeat but with good pauses for headbanging. The fans took to it immediately and danced their hearts out.

Motoki was like a dance conductor on stage, giving small hints to indicate what dance move was coming next, the fans seemed very pleased to be conducted by such a colourful individual.

The band then performed their debut single Smiley and the energy went up to a whole new scale.

Finally, the band ended their set with We’re Smiley’s and name chants. Each member went to the front of the stage and the fans were supposed to chant their names. But since it was Charlie’s birthday, all members asked the fans to chant Charlie’s name instead. All, except for Ritsu who seemed to enjoy the attention and was showing a lot of personality after being hidden by the drum set for most of the show.

As the band left the stage, masses of red balloons with cartoon Charlies on them were given to the fans. The obligatory “encore!” chant echoed in the small chamber, and Charlie came back out a couple of minutes later wearing a pink T-shirt with “Thanks Everyone” written on the back in Japanese. He then went on to do a Japanese comedy sketch and q&a section where he answered some questions he previously wrote on big flash cards. When he finished, the rest of the band came back out with a cake and everyone sang happy birthday.

Motoki then took the drums and Charlie the mic and they sang Cutie Honey. After a couple verses, Charlie gave the mic to Paru and Charlie in turn took Paru’s guitar. Later Charlie chose to switch with Ritsu and finally with Yuna before getting back to the mic and ending the song.

Smileberry are a very new band, but their fans seem very happy and dedicated. They were a pleasure to watch, with their bright energy lifting the spirits of everyone in the room. We look forward to seeing more from them.


Set list:

Go My Way
ワンダーワード (WONDER WORD)
Milk step
ドラムソロ (DRUM SOLO)
Fly again
We’re Smiley’s

1 キューティーハニー (CUTIE HONEY)

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