SuG announces new single “Darlin’,” for live concert only release!

SuG has announced that, “Darlin’,” their new single will be released only at their live concert, “SuG’s Day,” on March 9th.

“Darlin’” is the single CD that’s promised release was announced at last year’s concept concert tour “SuG VersuS 2016.” In this concept concert there were two contradicting concepts: Dark and Gothic “Gokuaku (Heinous)-SuG” and Pop and Colorful “Gokusai (Colored)-SuG.” These two vastly different sides of the band had their own performances and set-ups, which occurred over the course of two days, and the corresponding volume of cheers from the fans were counted for each of those performances. This time, “Gokusai-SuG” won and got a chance to release the new single “Darlin’.”

In addition to that, SuG published their new movie trailer, “MIXTAPE,” which is a special 10 year anniversary greatest hits album, on SuG’s official Facebook page. This movie contains the concert clip of “gr8 story,” which the band performed at the Toyosu PIT concert last year. This song played after SuG announced their September 2nd concert at Nippon Budokan. Don’t miss the amazing performance in this trailer, which they performed on their way to their dream concert at Nippon Budokan!


<New Single>
Release date: March 9th, 2017

Only released at the live concert on March 9th

<New album>
【SuG Greatest Hits Album「MIXTAPE」】
Release date: March 8th, 2017


  1. gr8 story
  2. R.P.G. ~Rockin’ Playing Game~
  3. 不完全 Beautyfool Days (Fukanzen Beautyfool Days)
  6. sweeToxic
  7. Vi-Vi-Vi -Rebirth ver.-
  8. 桜雨 (Sakura ame)
  9. 無条件幸福論 -Rebirth ver.- (Mujoken Kofuku-ron -Rebirth ver.-)
  10. teenAge dream
  11. ☆ギミギミ☆ (☆Gimme Gimme☆)
  12. SICK’ S
  13. mad$hip
  14. Howling Magic
  15. LOVE SCREAM PARTY -Rebirth ver.-
  16. 小悪魔 Sparkling (Koakuma Sparkling)
  17. CRY OUT
  18. Smells Like Virgin Spirit

■■Concert Information■■

【3/9 SuG’s day FROM PSC】
March 9th @ Ebisu LIQUIDROOM


March 11th @ Matsumoto ALECX
March 12th @ Niigata CLUB RIVERS
March1 7th @ KashiwaThumb Up
March 19th @ DUCE Sapporo
March 20th @ DUCE Sapporo
March 25th @ Sendai darwin
March 26th @ Yamagata Music Showa Session
April 14th @ Shin Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!!
April 16th @ Shizuoka Sunash
April 22th @ Matsuzaka M’AXA
April 23th @ Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
April 29th @ Okayama IMAGE
April 30th @ Takamatsu DIME
May 3rd @ Miyazaki SR BOX
May 5th @ Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
May 6th @ OitaDRUM Be-0
May 11th @ Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST
May 14th @ umeda AKASO

◆September 2nd @ Nippon Budokan

■■SuG Official Facebook■■

■■SuG Official Web■■

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