THE MICRO HEAD4N’S – new single & new tour

THE MICRO HEAD4N’S announced during their 5th anniversary live that they will be releasing a new single.

“Deeper Than Black~闇色の翼~” will be released in 2 types on 2016.11.09.

The limited version will include the songs “Deeper Than Black~闇色の翼~” and “VOLCANATION” along with a DVD. On the DVD you can find the PV and something extra, which is being kept a surprise. A third track “Candy Snow” can be found on the regular version.

Along with the new single, there will be a new tour starting from 2016.11.10 at Shibuya Rex (Smartphone Fanclub Member only). The final will be on the 2016.12.04 at Shinjuku ReNY.

Further information can be found on their homepage:

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