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It’s been an exciting year for us at TreasureBox PRESS! 2017 was our first year of being up, and we would like to thank everyone for their support. We will continue to do our best in 2018 and bring you more original content.

As a recap of our year, we have decided to list our five most viewed articles in order of ranking. Relive the 2017 experience with us through these posts:


We covered MUCC’s 20th anniversary live in April and were absolutely blown away with their performance. Their decades of experience really shone as they entertained the audience at Zepp Divercity Tokyo. The pace of the show was well thought out and kept everyone’s excitement at high levels, and was one of our highlights during the spring season.


We were sad to hear the news of the band’s official disbandment recently. We were lucky enough to cover their performance last year in December. Their high energy and fun stage presence will be incredibly missed, and are thankful that we had the opportunity to witness their stage a couple of times in the past 12 months. For fans that miss SuG, it may be bittersweet to look back at these live reports, but we also would like to remind everyone to remember the happiness they were able to spread across their following.


A9 (formerly Alice Nine) has become a household name in visual kei since their debut in 2004, and is known for their ever-changing image and style. The live we covered was titled after their most recent album IDEAL and showcased a culmination of their skills over the years as they journey on a road of self-discovery after leaving their former record label. This live was another highlight during spring this year.


The response to MUCC’s live reports are a regular hit with our readers, pushing the most recent MUCC live report to second place! There isn’t much more for us to add to what was mentioned previously, but we are glad to see such a great response to the band from overseas fans. We are also looking forward to seeing what else they will bring out in the new year!


... and in the top place is:

1. Japanese Musicians Pay Tribute To Chester Bennington

We end this list on a very bittersweet noteーour most popular article of 2017 was none other than the collected tributes of Japanese musicians. Chester was a huge inspiration to countless people all over the world, regardless of country and language. Many Japanese artists were shocked regarding the news of his death, with several of them citing Chester and Linkin Park as their inspiration to start music. This was the most difficult article the TBP team has put together, as many of us are also big fans of Chester.




That’s our summary of 2017’s most viewed articles! Did you have a favourite from 2017 that wasn’t listed? Let us know in the comment section!

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