Vistlip Now Streaming Overseas and Digest Video Release!

Vistlip released “BLACK MATRIX,“ the opening theme of the TV anime “Senjuushi (The Thousand Noble Musketeers)” on August 29th, and have announced that they will start streaming their music outside Japan. Also, they have released a digest video introducing their albums.

Last year, vistlip started their overseas communication to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Since then, they have posted news and articles on their official Facebook page in English and Chinese. Vistlip has been recognized by fans all around the world since their songs have been featured in various anime shows such as “-OZONE-“, the ending theme for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s “Artist” and opening theme for Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL;  and“Jack” as the opening theme for Bakumatsu Rock. To increase their influence even further, they have started to stream their music worldwide on Spotify and Apple Music.

Within their 10 years of activity, vistlip has created numerous songs on a total of 5 full albums, 4 mini albums and 21 singles. They have now announced the creation of a digest video that introduces several of their songs. This video is directed at first-timers so they can enjoy many of their songs at once. Vocalist, Tomo, commented, “Although it’s little by little, we as vistlip are carefully producing songs one by one so while we play at concerts we think that we have many good songs so would be happy if you come in contact with us through our albums.”

vistlip released a new album in 2018 and toured Japan. They also have an upcoming joint tour with A9.

Album Digest Preview:

Official Facebook

<A9 vs. vistlip tour「V.A.」>
October 8th (Sat) Shinjuku BLAZE,Tokyo
October 19th (Fri) Nagoya E.L.L., Aichi
October 21st (Sun) Umeda TRAD, Osaka

<vistlip tour 2018>
December 2nd (Sun) Fukuoka, BEAT STATION, Fukuoka
December 8th (Sat) Kanazawa, EIGHT HALL, Ishikawa
December 9th (Sun) Osaka, BIGCAT, Osaka
December 14th (Fri) Sendai, RENSA, Miyagi
December 17th (Mon) Sapporo, PENNY LANE24, Hokkaido
December 22nd (Sat) Nagoya DIAMOND HALL, Aichi
December 26th (Wed) Shinkiba STUDIO COAST, Tokyo

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