vistlip Releasing a New Single After 8 Months. Becomes Ending Theme of the Anime “Senjuushi”

It was confirmed that vistlip is going to release their new single “BLACK MATRIX” on August 29th.

This melodic and sentimental piece was composed by Tohya (Dr) and is the first release in 8 months since their last single “Timer,” making it their 21st release.  It will also be used as the ending theme for the anime “Senjuushi,” which is going to start broadcasting July 3rd.

In addition to this, they have released their new artist photos. “The CD sleeve, the photos, and the music video all use roses as imagery,” commented band leader Umi (G) on the new artwork. “Together with the lyrics, I would like you to read into the metaphorical implications of the rose. The concept of our clothing style is a sport mix. Compared to our recent styles, we changed the feeling of this one a little towards street style. We tried to achieve a mismatched looking style that doesn’t feel wrong, and I think that we were able to create that look as we imagined.”

Furthermore, vistlip is going to hold their 11th anniversary concert “11th Anniversary LIVE [SeventhEleven]“ on July 7th.

Preorders for the new single are available now:


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