Yoshiki Donates $25,000 USD to Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

On Thursday, August 31st, Japanese musician Yoshiki, of X-Japan fame, posted to his official Instagram that he made a $25,000 donation toward helping the city of Houston after it was hit by Hurricane Harvey on August 25th. 

He also wrote a more informative message to accompany the image above: 

Yoshiki has held a love for America ever since being inspired by the rock band KISS and has worked closely with numerous American musicians and artists since the 1990s. That love for America and desire to help out those in need led to the creation of Yoshiki Foundation America, which is a non-profit charity based organization that was formed by Yoshiki in California in 2010. The organization has donated money in the past to the Red Cross for such tragedies as the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami that struck Japan back in March of 2011. And it is now once again donating money to the Red Cross to help out the citizens of Houston, Texas.  

For more information on Yoshiki and Yoshiki Foundation America and its efforts to help Houston, please check out and the Yoshiki Foundation America homepage. 

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