Heavy Trap and Dreamy Vocals Combine in 6XT7’s New Single “Sh(eep)”

Dark-pop duo 6XT7, formed in Los Angeles by TASZ and LISA, released their latest single ‘Sh(eep)’ on October 22, 2021.

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Combining heavy trap music with dreamy vocals, ‘Sh(eep)’ is a dark track with a feeling of weightlessness. With a satirical take on modern internet culture, the lyrics take a sarcastic turn with portraying the legions of social media addicts as “sheep” who blindly follow the shepherd’s commands.

Comment from TASZ

“We first wrote this song when the pandemic just started in 2020. We had just flown to Taipei from Tokyo. Then covid started to take over the world and stopped everything. Watching people on the internet and living on the internet gave us the idea of this song.

In 2021 we met our guitarist Howie, and we re-arranged the beat together. It’s a dark fable with heavy 808 and trap beats.

People always follow the things that are not really for them and forget who they really are, and that’s actually pretty sad to me. I’m not saying I’m not one of them – I think I live in this sheep world too. But I’ll fight till my last breath to keep being a black sheep.”

Comment from LISA

“This song is taking a sarcastic punch at social media culture. I’m quite sick of feeling controlled by social media, the addiction of likes, being worried about followers and the uneasiness it brings. I think sometimes we get so consumed by social media that we completely lose ourselves.

“I don’t know if I’m the only one crazy here, or if there are people out there who feel the same. So this song is actually a cry out, and playfully making fun of that.”

The music video for ‘Sh(eep)’ was also released today. Rather than share a link to the new video directly, 6XT7 have challenged fans to find it hidden within this YouTube page, titled ‘Sh(eep) – Click-Comment-Die” non-stop loop video-’, which was published on October 20. To find the real video for ‘Sh(eep)’, take a careful look at this mysterious YouTube page!

Check out the music video for ‘Sh(eep)’ to see how it connects with the world of 6XT7’s previous release, ‘Pierce’.

6XT7 profile

6XT7 are a dark-pop duo based in Taiwan. They formed in 2018 when TASZ and LISA met while studying music in Los Angeles. Their single ‘King & Queen’ took the No.1 spot on Taiwan’s indie rock chart. Their music blends genres such as hard rock, electro, trap, metal and goth, resulting in a rich and heavy sound with epic melody lines, which quickly gained attention through word of mouth. 6XT7 continue to express their unique sense for dark pop through beautiful melodies, aggressive beats and a wide mix of sounds.

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