Japanese Musicians Pay Tribute to Chester Bennington

It was a shock to fans and musicians alike when they all heard the news that Chester Bennington, the frontman for Linkin Park, had committed suicide.

Linkin Park has a very large presence in the Japanese music scene, and many artists and musicians have displayed their shock, giving tribute towards the beloved singer-songwriter.

Hizumi: “Chester, this can’t be true…”

Trust me guys, we were thinking the same thing. Unfortunately, it is. Even MAN WITH A MISSION couldn’t believe it.

MWAM: Chester, this can’t be real…(shocked emoticon)

TERU: “Chester is… (crying face)”

R.I.P #Repost @linkinpark (@get_repost)

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 TMR: “Yet again, we part with a wonderful voice…”

Taka: “I feel so much sadness. I’m empty and hollow. I still can’t believe it. We were going to meet so soon as well. He was the reason why we started our band. The regrets won’t stop. But he’s went and gone. Chester’s family! Band members! To all the people who surrounded him, I send you my love! Also, I pray for his happiness in the next world from the depths of my heart.”

You will always be here in my heart. Thank you for everything Chester.

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We love this sweet photo of Chester leaning on Taka’s shoulder. It’ll definitely be a memory to cherish.

Ken: “To me, he was someone who gave me so much strength and inspiration. He was so faraway from me, as if there was no way reaching his destination. Now that he’s gone, there’s no way I can overtake him.”

Ryoga: “I listened to LINKIN PARK so much.

I can’t believe that their amazing vocalist is no longer of this world.”

Taku: “Rather than feeling the overwhelming emotions of a person’s death in the moment, the sadness closes in afterwards. Especially the closer they are to you…”

Maximum the Ryo: “From Chris Cornell to Linkin Park…
Just like Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, his existence was like a shining road in constant pitch black darkness that eventually adjoined him to his death.
In the times that I also feel depressed, I hum “High Lows” to myself.
“If suicide is a craze, then living a long life is also a trend.”
by Maximum the Ryo” 

RYOTA: “It was so sudden that I can’t believe it and feel so depressed. Just when I thought I’d finally meet you… I wanted to talk about so many things when I’d see you. From the bottom of my heart, I pray for you happiness in the next world. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family, friends and band members.”

 GEN: “The news about Chester has everyone wrapped up in sadness. Uncountable bandmen were influenced by his style. Even with myself, I borrowed a CD from my classmates, and I remember that I put in my MD to listen to on my commute to school. In my sensitive periods of depression and anxiety, I was able to blast their songs countless times. I really wanted to see him live.”

TOMOYA: “For the first time in years, I don’t know what to say this morning. It’s as if a page of my youth has been torn away.

Linkin Park was the the reason why I started doing bands with INGER with SALTY DOG.

Chester was a vocalist of several decades.

Please, rest peacefully.”

chisato: “When I felt really down, I would listen to them to pick myself back up… R.I.P”

Your scream awakened me into music. I love you forever… #chesterbennington

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Chester really awakened and inspired many of us.

HAL: “I’m so shocked…”

Akira: “Linkin Park’s Chester died…? No way…
It’s been about 15 years since I started listening to them…
Not that long ago, I did a cover of their song…
Thank you for so many of your songs.”

IGARI: “No matter what, I’m really sad. I can’t think of anything right now. I can’t accept this. I can’t believe that this is “Good Goodbye”. Someone please tell me that this is a lie.

To the guitarist in me, Chester was the one who taught me the amazing qualities of being a vocalist.
With all his work, I can only speak with the highest honour and praise.”

RxYxO: “I can’t accept this. I feel that Chester and Linkin Park made history and I always received so much inspiration from them. The first live I saw at Budokan was Linkin Park. I wanted to play on stage with them one day. You saved so many people’s lives with your songs and words. You truly possessed such a kind heart. With such heavy gratitude, please sleep peacefully.” 

Hazuki: “No, Chester, it can’t be. It was too much…”

Yuh: “Again, it’s the reality that tomorrow won’t be guaranteed to come.”

Yuh: “Everyday, someone in the world dies, and it’s given that we part ways with people… But even if it is something that is given in this world everyday, it’s still hard to believe.”

Masato: “I am someone whose life was changed with his voice. Even until I was close to him, I was too nervous to speak and didn’t end up talking to him because I always admired him. He always said that there was nothing more important than family but the illness in his mind had snatched him away… I still can’t believe this reality. Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Chester, thank you.”

KENZO:He was met with so many emotions.

Thank you for giving us the best music.

May you rest in peace.”

ASH: “This is heartbreaking. I loved him.”

I don’t wanna believe it. We were so excited and honor to perform on the same stage with you in US next week. And in Japan too. It was the one of our dreams to have a stage with you since we became ONE OK ROCK. We couldn’t be here without you. We all miss you so much. Always our best. Rest In Peace. 今だに信じられへん。本来なら来週から一緒にライブができるはずやったのに。。ONEOKROCKはLINKIN PARKと同じステージに立つことがこのバンドを結成してからの一つの夢でもありました。彼からたくさんの刺激をもらい、今の俺らがあります。永遠にチェスターは僕らの最高のSingerです。ただただ今はさびしい気持ちでいっぱい。ご冥福をお祈りします。

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Toru: “Even now, I can’t believe it. Legally speaking, we were supposed to hold a live show together next week. ONE OK ROCK had the dream of standing on the same stage as Linkin Park. He gave us so much motivation, which is why we are here today. To us, Chester will forever be the best singer. It’s just that right now, I’m full of sadness. I pray for his happiness in the next world.”

あなたの歌声は永遠です… R.I.P Chester Bennington #linkinpark #chesterbennington

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Yusuke: “Your voice is forever… R.I.P Chester Bennington”

Atsuki: “I went home from the middle of the night from Sendai and for some reason, I woke up just before the morning. I saw the news about Chester, went to sleep, woke up, and even while we’re on the go to day, I still can’t believe it. When I was a kid, I found Linkin Park’s music and listened to them so much. I’m so sad but he’s no longer here. His songs will always remain in me heart. R.I.P” 

Take: “FLOW’s 6th album “Microcosm” as a production was heavily inspired by Linkin Park’s 3rd album, “Minutes to Midnight”.
In that one album with every song, they expressed their view of the world.”

Nakajin: “Linkin Park’s Chester was a vocalist I really loved. RIP.”

Kaneko Nobuaki: “I’m at a loss for words. He had a heroic battle. Rest peacefully. I have such great respect for your career.”

SHOCK EYE: “Linkin Park’s vocalist, Chester Bennington… has passed away…
Are you for real…
I was really looking forward… to his performance in Japan…”

Natsu: “I woke up this morning and saw the news, and this is what I heard about the most. He saved me so many times. He will probably continue to do so. We want to be able to make music that saves people as well!”

RYOSUKE: “I was shocked to wake up to the news of Chester…
I have so many memories of Linkin Park.
How could this happen…”

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