13 Year Hiatus Ends: Janne Da Arc Disbands

Japanese visual kei band Janne Da Arc, a large influence of today’s visual kei scene, has officially announced their disbandment after an indefinite hiatus of 13 years. On March 31, 2019, former bassist ka-yu had announced his departure from the band and as of April 1, 2019 Janne Da Arc will cease all activities.

Many passionate fans, referred to as “Janners”, kept hope of someday seeing all the members play together again whilst supporting the members solo projects, such as vocalist yasu’s Acid Black Cherry and ka-yu’s Damijaw. Both are still popular within the Janne Da Arc Fan Club.

In the official announcement posted on the Janne Da Arc official website, ka-yu formally announced his departure while detailing that after discussing many issues with the other members, the four could not come to an agreement about continuing activities together, especially considering yasu’s poor health. ka-yu wishes to focus on activities more important to himself and his career.

The official notice leaves with a bittersweet message from ka-yu: “Thank you for everything until now.”



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