Acid Black Cherry is Adding Acid Blood to the Mix

Acid Black Cherry is Spinning Off! A big announcement came April 17th from the Acid Black Cherry team. To celebrate ABCs 10th anniversary, they will release a new album and tour!

But wait, there’s more! A Spin off brand of ABC will be launched named Acid BLOOD Cherry as they are bringing fresh blood to the mix.

Up until now, Yasu has been in charge of all the writing and composing. For this album, Yasu will collaborate with many known names from the Visual Kei world. The artists who will be featured on the album are: HIRO (Libraian / La’cryma Christi), SHUSE († я i ¢ к / La ‘cryma Christi), AKIHIDE (BREAKERZ), Leda (Far East Dizain), and Muro Hime Deep participation.

In addition, RYO (defspiral), Norikazu Nagano (everset ex.Missing Tear), Takeshi Hiramura (everset ex.Missing Tear) who are also allies from the indies era, (and now handle Golden Bomber and BABYMETAL, Momoiro Clover Z Tatsuo (everset ex.Missing Tear) etc.) will be featured in some capacity. There will be some new performers as well!

The album will consist of 9 to 10 songs. On the CD + DVD release, in addition to the music clip of the title track “BAD BLOOD”, bonus footage will also include treasure talks with friends who fought together in the indies era!

Acid Black Cherry’s new album “Acid BLOOD Cherry”, full of “exciting blood” (= Acid BLOOD).

Please enjoy the beautiful, hard, and dark worldview.

With the release of a new album, of course a tour is in order!!

Acid Black Cherry 2017 tour Blood History “BLACK × BLOOD”

August 14 Fukuoka: DRUM LOGOS
Open 17:30/start 18:30

August 16 Osaka: Zepp Osaka Bayside
Open 17:30/start 18:30

August 21 Miyagi: Sendai PIT
Open 17:30/start 18:30

August 27 Hiroshima: BLUE LIVE HIROSHIMA
Open 17:00/start 18:00

August 30 Tokyo: Zepp Tokyo
Open 17:30/start 18:30

September 06 Hokkaido: Zepp Sapporo
Open 17: 30/start 18:30

September 08 Niigata: Niigata LOTS
Open 17: 30/start 18:30

September 11 Kagawa: Takamatsu festhalle
Open 17: 30/start 18:30

September 15 Osaka: Zepp Osaka Bayside
Open 17: 30/start 18:30

September 21 Aichi: Zepp Nagoya
Open 17:30/start 18:30

September 27 Tokyo: Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO)
Open 17:30/start 18:30

【Ticket price (tax included)】 ¥ 5,400
◆ Fukuoka · Miyagi · Hiroshima · Niigata · Kagawa Performance: All Standing
◆ Osaka · Tokyo · Hokkaido · Aichi Performance: 1F Standing / 2F Designated Seats · Standing Statement

* A drink fee of ¥ 500 is required at all venues.
* Seating type can not be specified at the time of application.
*Opening / opening times may change.

※ All entrance of persons under the age of 6 can not be admitted.

For Janne Da Arc fan club members:
【Application period】 Wednesday, May 24, 2017 13:00 ~ May 29 (Mon) 23:59

【Ticket Prior Subscription Target】 Person who has effective membership deadline as of May 2017. For new membership: Person who received payment procedure by May 14, 2017 (Sunday) Person who is under 3 months after expiration If you have a sustainable expiration date: Those who received payment procedures by May 21, 2017 (Sunday)

For more details please check at the fan club site .


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