Life After Deluhi: Where Are They Now?


Vocals: Juri
Guitar: LEDA
Bass: Aggy
Drums: Sujk

DELUHI was a young prominent band in the visual kei scene from January 2008 to July 2011. They made great strides with metalcore and hard rock sounds, passionate delivery, and high energy. Formally known as GRAVE SEED until their final lineup, LEDA immediately began composing materials for their very well received debut album, SURVELLIANCE, and eventually became the main songwriter for the band. The band’s library includes 12 singles and 4 albums and mini-albums. By December 2010, the band decided to go on hiatus, but ultimately ended up disbanding.

So what happened next?

DELUHI, as a band, remastered and released their best songs into an album called VANDALISM [Σ]. LEDA formed a solo project called UNDIVIDE with bandmate and drummer Sujk and LOKA’s vocalist Kihiro, which was active from August 2012 to March 2013. The two later debuted in a new band, Far East Dizain, with vocalist Keita and bassist Яyu in April 2015. They are currently active and recently released a new single in December 2017 titled Beyond These Walls. Sujk also released some solo material in 2012. In April 2012, Aggy formed Garson with the members of GYZE and became the vocalist. Unfortunately, the band had no releases and disbanded in the same year they were formed.

Lastly, DELUHI’s vocalist Juri dabbled in some solo projects as well and created a session band with Aggy named yoru crime. Eventually, they renamed to ZERO MIND INFINITY in June 2016, releasing a couple singles until disbanding in December 2017. Fortunately, it was announced in January 2018 that Juri, Aggy, ex-12012 guitarist Sakai Hiroaki, ex-AND drummer KAJI, and ex-Sel’m guitarist John will return as breakin’ holiday. They will hold their debut live at Osaka RUIDO on March 10th and release their debut single, LILITH, on March 20.


[EDIT:] Former guitarist of Sel’m, John, will be featuring with breakin’ holiday and has been a supporting member of the band.

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