Vistlip Announce 5th Album and Oneman Tour

On 29th March 2017, vistlip are releasing their 5th full album “Bitter Sweet” in 4 different versions.

The premium edition is priced at 4,500 Yen + tax and includes the CD, a DVD and a special gift. The limited edition is available for 3,600 Yen + tax, including a CD and a DVD (ROUGH the vistlip). The vister version also contains a CD and a DVD with their new music video and behind the scenes footage. Lastly, the lipper version is available, which is CD only, for 3,000 Yen + tax.

The tracklist of the new album has been announced with the following tracks:

  1. BABEL
  2. Antique
  3. 星一つ灯らないこんな夜に。
  4. Walking Dead
  6. WIMP
  10. Snowman
  11. BitterSweet ending
  12. Credit
  13. Underworld (lipper version only)

Instore events will take place in various shops from 28th March 2017 to 13th May 2017.

The band also has a oneman tour “Taste of BitterSweet” and performing on the following dates:

2017.04.16 Osaka IMP HALL
2017.04.21 Sapporo Cube garden
2017.05.03 Nagoya DIAMOND HALL
2017.05.21 Shinagawa Stellarball
2017.06.04 Sendai MACANA
2017.06.10 Fukuoka Drum Be-1




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