Worldwide Ticket Sale for SuG’s Live Concert as well as Exclusive Fan Meeting for Overseas Fans Confirmed!

Tickets for SuG’s 10th year anniversary live performance, which is their greatest challenge to date, “HEAVY POSITIVE ROCK” at the Nippon Budokan on September 2nd are now available for sale worldwide. SuG has a number of fans all around the world, having played various shows in Asia, including Thailand, Taiwan, and China, Mexico in Central America as well as in Europe visiting Germany, France, the UK, Russia and Finland. Tickets are now available worldwide to let fans from overseas, who have always supported them, share this moment of SuG’s dream coming true.

Furthermore, a special fan meeting for those coming all the way to Japan is scheduled for September 1st. Takeru, the vocalist, is looking forward to seeing fans from all over the world gather: “That fact that people are now coming to see us from countries which we’ve previously visited on our tour shows us how valuable it was going abroad. Since we want to create the Budokan experience together with everyone, please lend us your strength.”

The tickets are currently on sale and additional information will be published on SuG’s Official Facebook page.

In addition to their greatest challenge, SuG’s new EP, “AGAKU” (struggle), will be on sale from July 5th. The song focuses on the band’s strong feelings in the lead up to the show. In contrast to the strong and coarse lyrics, the arrangements are positively SuG-like: catchy dance rock tunes, influenced by Hip-Hop and EDM.

July 5th will also be the start date of their AGAKU tour – a series of 8 shows in Japan, which will help set the stage for their concert at the Nippon Budokan.


SuG Fan meeting
OPEN: 16:00/ START: 17:00
VENUE: Nippon Budokan


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