espoir’s First Oneman Live

It’s a big moment for all artists and bands alike when they are able to hold their first oneman live, especially in Japan. Once musicians reach this point, it is a good indicator that they have put in the hard work, dedication and passion in order to chase the dream of music.

It was a privilege to witness espoir’s first oneman live. Held on the 23rd of May, 2015 at Live Inn Magic in Yotsuya, the duo were able to execute a wonderful show and move the hearts of their audience members with their beautiful voices and energetic performance. Their musical journey began four years ago, with their first-ever show being in the same livehouse. Coming back to Yotsuya for their first oneman was not only a landmark in their accomplishments, but also an emotional tribute to their efforts from when they first began.

The duo consists of two beautiful young women – Asami and Mizuki. They both possess a playful charm on and off the stage, with their energy and passion shining through in their performances. The clarity and depth of their vocals clearly showcases the amount of time and practice they have dedicated to perfecting their craft. Asami and Mizuki work in perfect harmony – both in chemistry and singing. The two cite their influences from strong female vocalists such as Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, and the Sister Act movies, taking on styles ranging from classical and gospel to pop. They also take influence from Ayaka and C&K -Clievy&Keen-.

The live started with an opening act from Tomoko Noda. Her cute and sweet vocals warmed the livehouse nicely with a refreshingly gentle melody. The second song, with the title translating to “Before”, was more upbeat and set the mood. Her final song, “Before the Morning Comes” was quite an impressionable ballad, with the piano backing giving depths of emotion to her passionate and touching vocals.

Espoir (French word for “hope”) started their act with their funky song “JOKER” and got the audience grooving to the beat. Their performance was colourful, bringing in various elements to get the mood going, which was only aided further with their fun stage presence. The two kept their energy up throughout the entire live, always keeping smiles on both their faces.

During their performance, there were a few costume changes, including a school-themed segment where the two dressed in high school uniforms and pretended to be students. They were smart and cheeky – they handed out a lesson sheet to all the audience members. However, on the sheet of paper was not a lesson, but lyrics to the song 「何度でも」(which translates to “I’ll Keep Going On” in the context of the song) by Dreams Come True. During their school segment, they did a couple more covers, including Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”, which was executed with perfect English – something that many famous Japanese artists still struggle with.

The most memorable song from their setlist was「恋~ずっとあなたがすきでした」(Love – I always loved you). The ballad left many audience members teary-eyed as the emotion-filled passionate vocals reached inside their hearts. Inspired by their own experiences with love and relationships, they were able to connect with the emotions of each individual with their honesty.

However, Asami and Mizuki are not only just great singers, but they also make an adorable comedy duo. Their interactions on stage provide plenty of smiles and laughter for the audience. They also have good dance coordination while singing together. By the end of the show, my cheeks were hurting from having such a wonderful time.

After the show, the girls were kind enough to lend me some of their time and we talked about their music. The two of them are optimistic, happy personalities with a strong love for what they do. They take it a step further by doing their best to share those feelings with people who come to their lives. Apart from creating wonderful music, espoir aims to create enjoyable shows where their audiences can escape their daily stresses and let go – having their fans enjoy their live is of utmost importance to them. Inspiration comes to the two from various aspects of their personal lives, but is mostly based their hopes and dreams that they want to accomplish.

Although Asami and Mizuki still have a long journey ahead of them, they have a promising future. They have quality music and vocals, optimistic personalities, good energy, and as a bonus, they’re both gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside.


23rd May, 2015

Espoir’s Oneman Live!! Everyone Assemble!!!

  1. JOKER
    2. Love at First Sight (ヒトメボレ)
    3. Way of Life (生きる道)
    4. The sky is the limit
    5. MORE
    6. I’ll Keep Going On (何度でも) (cover)
    7. First Class Fight → One Night Carnival → Heaven Academy (喧嘩上等→ワンナイトカーニバル→学園天国) (cover)
    8. I Want You Back (cover)
    9. Upper classes – The Play of Sudden Miracles (上流社会~奇跡の逆転劇~)
    10. Night Museum
    11. Love – I Always Loved You (恋~ずっとあなたがすきでした。~)
    12. Alone in the World (世界でひとり)
    13. VIP!!!
    14. ESPOIR

Make sure you check out a sample of their new album on YouTube:

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