LISTEN FLAVOR and Haruka Kurebayashi to attend San Japan

San Japan, held September 01 – September 03 2017 in San Antonio, TX, has announced LISTEN FLAVOR as their J-Fashion Guest Of Honor and Haruka Kurebayashi as their International Japanese Fashion Guest!

Both guests will be part of the J-Fashion Show taking place on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017. Model Applications are now OPEN at .

LISTEN FLAVOR is a Harajuku based brand that was created in 2006. Their mission is to deliver “Kawaii” Harajuku fashion to the girls around the world. Since then, the brand has been influenced and inspired by a variety of pop cultures surrounding Harajuku such as video games, animation, and manga. LISTEN FLAVOR has both cute pastel colored items as well as darker items, more closely associated with the Pastel Goth movement. The brand’s “Kawaii” philosophy fused with pop culture finally became its own unique fashion style. Now the brand has grown and is loved by fans of Japanese “Kawaii” culture around the world. Past collaborations include the Danganronpa series, SHOW BY ROCK!!, and various Sanrio characters.


Haruka Kurebayashi began her modelling career as a featured reader in the popular Harajuku fashion magazine, KERA. She is currently an image model for LISTEN FLAVOR.

She gained attention worldwide for her Decora fashion style and in 2017 was chosen by Instagram to represent #MyStory, a campaign in which 15 Japanese women were selected to promote being true to yourself.


Meet Haruka Kurebayashi and LISTEN FLAVOR’s designer Yu Katayama at San Japan!

San Japan’s website

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